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The Washington Capitals gave up three goals to the Calgary Flames in the first period on Saturday night. With his team on the verge of a total collapse, head coach Adam Oates pulled Braden Holtby from net, looking to change the game’s momentum. We thought at the time that the Holtbeast did not handle it well.

Holtby skated over, lifted up his mask, and began hurling profanities towards the bench. Later, when we saw a second angle on CBC’s After Hours, Caps defense coach Calle Johansson seemed very interested in what Holtby was saying.

Wednesday, on DC101’s Elliot In the Morning, Caps forward Jason Chimera was asked about the blow-up during an interview with the popular radio host.

In an honest response, The Ice Cheetah explained that Holtby was trying to fire up the team. Chimera even intimated some of what Holtby said when he came to the bench.

Elliot Segal: A lot has been made about when Holtby got chased the other night and came to the bench. You could tell he was pissed off. I can imagine anytime you’re a goalie and end up getting pulled out of a game, you get pissed off. But a lot has been made that he was yelling and screaming. Was that him just being frustrated or was he laying into somebody?

Jason Chimera: I don’t think he was yelling and screaming. I think he was yelling more at the bench to get going because I don’t think any of those goals were his fault. I think coaches do it moreso for momentum shifts than anything. I think he yelled at the bench and said, “Let’s wake the explicit up!” I think he wanted to light a fire under the guys and get ’em going. He’s a competitive kid. He wants us to win and that’s why we love to have him on our team for sure. Looking back at those goals, he wasn’t at fault for any of them. So he was telling the guys to wake up.

Elliot also asked Chimera about the team’s upcoming rookie dinner this season. “It’s too early,” Chimera responded. “We gotta at least let Tom [Wilson] get a paycheck first before paying for dinner.”

Chimera addressed the team’s unadventurous approach to puck possession when on the road as well:

Chimera: You learn, when you’re on the road, momentum is such a big thing. Just getting pucks in and pucks out, taking care of the puck. You know, it’s pretty boring hockey, but on the road it’s nice to play boring hockey and win hockey games. That’s the bottom line.

[ . . . ]

If the puck’s not in our zone, they don’t have chance to score.

After a moment, Chimera added, “At least I hope so. It’s very simple. It’s not rocket science. It’s just get it out and live to fight another day.”

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  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Ice Cheetah? Is there a shirt for that. I suggest Chester Cheetah, wearing skates.

  • Ben Reed

    “just get it out and live to fight another day”

    I actually think they do this all the time, and it hurts their possession numbers. Sometimes it’s good for the D to be patient and make the right outlet pass, rather than the hasty one. See Green’s horrific DOG penalty in VAN.

    Whether all of the D are capable…is another story.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Not that I’d ever want to argue with Chimmer in a dark alley (or anywhere in person), but I think there’s a difference between playing safe road hockey and just throwing the puck out of your zone hoping it doesn’t come back in. If you’re a puck possession team, you need to play your game regardless of where you are at.

  • Maybe soon. 🙂

  • VeggieTart

    Okay, Jason, if you guys love having him as your goalie, stop freaking hanging him out to dry, okay? Someone put a boot up the butts of the defense and get them to play their damn game.

  • dylan wheatley

    chimmer’s line has been pretty good on the backcheck

  • Chris Cerullo


  • NovaCath

    Too bad the interview appears to have been before the Holtby’s dance party quote so we did not get Chimera’s take on that. Interesting that Chimera referred to Holtby as a kid. The dance party quote came across to me as like someone who just doesn’t get it that different people prepare for their work day differently. Not everyone has to be Mr. Super Serious before work in order to do a good job. If he keeps it up, he is going to be that really annoying co-worker.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Needs to be bald though.

  • breaklance

    on a side note, i do love elliot and how much he adores the caps. guys like him across the nation do wonders for the sport.