College sweethearts Mick Klock and Haley Buckheit are huge Washington Capitals fans. Their first real date was Game One of the Caps/Rangers playoff series last year. Mick was already a huge fan of the sport, and after that night Haley was one too.

Since then, the couple, who both live in Pennsylvania, have come down to D.C. for Caps games and bought a partial season ticket plan with the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears.

Mick and Haley wanted to have a couple’s Halloween costume, preferably one that honored their favorite team. They decided to dress up as supercouple Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko. Their costumes are perfect from the blacked-out tooth to the tennis racket.

Mick tells me he dropped north of $500 to get the costumes. “I play ice hockey on a team that has Toronto colors, so I justified my purchases based on the fact that I will actually use the hockey gear this season.” That also explains the choice of Dynamo blue instead of Caps red.

Cheapest part of the costume? $1 for the tooth black.

Haley’s tennis costume cost a pretty penny as well. “Maria wears a lot of Adidas, so Haley tried to stay true to that,” Mick explained. “Her skirt, shirt, and tennis jacket cost a bunch too.”

Mick and Haley have gotten positive feedback since posting the photos on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. “Our friends love the costumes,” Mick exclaimed. “I’ve been getting comments from people I haven’t talked to in years saying how awesome the idea is.”

Mick says meeting Ovechkin one day would be a dream, something he’s already put on his bucket list. Tonight, however, when he and Haley go out trick or treating, they risk defrauding people who might think they are actually hockey’s gr8est couple.

“Hopefully, Alex and Maria see our costumes on Twitter and get a good laugh,” Mick concluded.

I hope they do too. Stay perfect, you two.




  • Denis Carmo

    Hahahaha best 🙂

  • The costumes are so perfectly thorough. They did such a great job!

  • Denis Carmo

    Absolutely, I love the Dynamo jersey.

  • Yo8


  • Shawn Murphy

    This is super rad, these two deserve ALL the candies

  • brian!

    Dang, that gapped tooth looks almost identical to the real Ovi’s.

  • Batman

    This is amazing. I also love that he has a Crosby stick in his hands lawl.

  • Anna S.

    best costume ever!!! 😀

  • WhangChung80

    Would look a bit better if his Mom would take his High School pics off the wall, must be a good dude though is she rocking that dude in his mom and dads house.

  • KillEdwards

    Let me tell you a little story of how single I am….so … so single…

  • breaklance

    2 minutes for jersey tucking.

  • Idalys

    Way to go Haley!

  • serpent

    I have one of those,too, and know how much they cost. Ouch!