Matt Moulson Named His Child After George McPhee


Recently traded Buffalo Sabres’ winger Matt Moulson had a child on October 11th. The baby boy is named George, which is not really an uncommon name. We didn’t think twice about it until Newsday’s Mark Herrman chimed in.

Yep, Washington Capitals General Manager George McPhee is the reason (or one of the reasons) why Moulson’s second child is named George.

Some quick research shows a bunch of family connections here. It’s well known that John Tavares is the godfather to Moulson’s first child. Moulson is the brother-in-law to Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick. And Quick’s and Moulson’s wives are daughters of former NHLer Mike Backman.

Which is where George McPhee comes in.

McPhee, a teammate of Backman with the New York Rangers, is a godfather to Alicia, Backman’s daughter and Moulson’s wife. Their career paths crossed again when they played for the Tulsa Oilers between 1982 and 1984.

If you can chart that out for us, we’d appreciate it.

Congrats, Matt and Alicia. And congrats to George too, I guess?

(Matt Moulson is a high-scoring forward in his prime, likely to get traded away from Buffalo at the deadline or sign as a UFA somewhere else over the summer. Nice try to get to Washington, Matt.)

  • Ceelo

    Had to take a second and third look at that picture. Thought it was Mike Modano and you did some weird photoshop, lol

  • Karen

    Wow…these connections are almost as complicated as my extended family relationships in India.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I woke up, saw this article and assumed Buffalo already flipped Moulson to us lol