RMNB Readers Share Their Caps-Themed Costumes and Pumpkins


Awww. Here are @jlbugher‘s kids as Ovi and a Red Rocker.

Happy Halloween, RMNBers! Since you’ll likely be chomping into arsenic-laced Snickers and razor-blade candy apples tonight, it’s probably best if you peruse all the Caps-themed jack-o-lanterns and costumes now. Like every year, we asked you to send us photos of your soween-styled Halloween doo-dads, and like every year, you guys responded splendidly.

Please have a safe and happy night while celebrating death and decay.

Blogmeister Ian representing with an Angry Ovi face. Those must be really hard to carve.

Emily’s weagle is precise and and lovely.

A little love for the Hershey Bears from Caiti. 

Monte’s pumpkin looks great, but the lighting isn’t nearly evil enough.

Andy’s Capitals stick logo risks damaging the structural integrity of the pumpkin.

I’m imagining three of Heidi’s pumpkins side by side with the Horn Guy tooting nearby.

Main logo and alternate logo. @HockeyShrader8 should be in marketing.

Oooookay. Moving on.

The detail on Theresa’s Weagle is awesome.

Best kid. Best kid. Best kid.


Another lovely weagle.

The slanty stick T has to be really hard to do.

Never too late.


Blue Ribbon for Most Original

Gorge gourd

Oh gosh. That’s great.



@ChrisCaps33 made these pumpkins with her friends @CAPLDY and @FOREVERRED20


@CAPLDY‘s got Brouwer Power.


Oleg P. out in Colorado made this banging pumpkin. “I tried my hand at carving and used the official Caps stencil to help me out, and that’s how we got COPS.”



This awesome Caps carved pumpkin is from Justine H.


Justine K. has one thing to tell our other Caps-carving participants: Game Over.


Hilary B. sent us this masterpiece.


Here’s a nice pumpkin from Jeremy S.


Nicole H. draws Carlzner! This is amazing.



Sarah T. made this awesome Ovechkin pumpkin. It’s so great in fact, we included her glamor shot.


From Owen J., the #PerryCelly guy.


Margaret sends us a weagle pumpkin!


Marissa R. carved this beauty.

And here’s Kevin “Killer” Kaminski staying classy as hockey’s Ron Burgundy.

Once again, you’ve all outdone yourselves. You’re all such artsy and crafty and good-looking people. Thanks for sharing your stuff! From all of us, have a happy Halloween.

  • These are all amazing and way WAY better than mine. Thank you all for submitting. These posts are always so cool and inspiring because of you!