The First Capitals Lineup Without a Russian Since 2004

no ovi

With Alex Ovechkin out with an upper-body injury and Hershey call-up Dmitry Orlov an apparent scratch, the Washington Capitals won’t have a Russian player in their lineup since [gulp] April 4, 2004. Yeah. The pre-Ovechkin, fire-sale era. (Alex Semin was on the roster, but did not play.)

Look at this lineup. It is terrible. Half of these players, I have no idea even who the hell they even are. This was the final game the Caps played before the lockout. Washington lost the game 4-3 to the Penguins, who were also terrible back then.


Seriously, who is Roman Tvrdon? I literally do not remember that guy at all.

The Capitals of November 2013 are nothing like the 2004 team. One was was bottom-five in both offense and defense; the other is one point out of the playoffs. There will be lots of opportunities for scoring tonight — particularly from a pretty boss top line (Erat-Backstrom-Fehr). So let’s all try to think of tonight’s Russian-less lineup not so much as a death knell for our site’s brand effectiveness, but rather as an opportunity for some non-Ruskie players to step up and crash the net.

Closing note: I am not Elias. While I manually pored over gamelogs from 2008 to 2012, there’s a chance I missed something. Feel free to check my work.

Thanks to Chase for the idea.

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  • Marky Narc


  • Chris Cerullo

    Stephen Peat scored a NHL goal….?

  • The scariest stat up there is that Todd Rohloff skated the third most of any Capitals player that night: 20:06.

  • pastamania

    Wow. I honestly have no collection of Roman Tvrdon either. He played in 9 games, too?!?

  • Matt

    From Tvdron’s Wikipedia page, “Roman Tvrdoň (born 29 January 1981 in Trenčín, Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia) is a Slovakian ice hockey player who was drafted in 1999 by the Washington Capitals.” Thats the entire article.

  • Andrew Merewitz

    Who the hell is the goalie in that game? I consider myself a pretty big caps fan, but wow, I don’t recognize a lot of those players, and the ones I do remember, weren’t very good.

  • Daniel

    ..doesn’t grabovski count?

  • Chris Cerullo

    Mark Spector according to a retweet from Whyno the last game without a Russian was Jan 31st, 2006? #BlameWhyno ?

  • He’s Belarusian.

  • Fedor

    Nice try Ian, but you fail. Jan 31st, 2006, 583 games ago:

  • Of course literally the only game Ovechkin didn’t play that season, Semin missed too! Thanks for letting us know though. I’m embarrassed, but I’m glad the right information is out there now.

  • Matt

    Semin took the entire year off in 05-06 and stayed in Russia. It is strange that Zubrus missed that game though.

  • JH

    Zubrus is Lithuanian.

  • JH

    Such a subtle distinction, no?

  • Yonder

    Yeats? I’m a pretty big Caps fan, and I think I’d remember goalies more than anything, and I do not have any idea who the hell Yeats was.

  • KG

    Stephen Peat! Stephen Peat!

  • Dara Goldberg

    You guys can pull a KFC and start going by just your initials.