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Feel the Swedish excitement. (Photo: Len Redkoles)

Sometimes hockey makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t. File Capitals at Flyers under Column B. The Capitals stunk in the first period, defecated on the Flyers in the second, and then managed the s-show in the third. Let’s get into it.

The first period was one of the worst ever played by the Capitals …and then they scored. Nick Backstrom snagged a turnover and put a shot top-shelf to make it 1-0.

The second period was one of the funnest ever played by the Capitals. Joel Ward got the last touch on a series of swats he and Mikhail Grabovski lobbed to make it 2-0. Red hot Jason Aloysius Chimera combined speed and skill to roof a breakaway shot. Nicky Backstrom got his second goal of the night on what I’m not even sure was a deliberate shot attempt. A Joel Ward shot destined for the post somehow hit the back of the net, and then Troy Brouwer converted the power play.

Third period. Joel Ward. Hat trick. Amazing. Then everything got pear-shaped, which we’ll talk about below.

Caps absolutely demolish Flyers 7-0.

  • I mean. I don’t even. What the. All of the. For crying out loud.
  • Okay let’s start here. The Capitals did not attempt a shot on goal until Nick Backstrom missed the net 4:41 into the first period. The Caps didn’t make Steve Mason make a save until John Carlson put one on target at 15:05. The next shot on the net was a goal– a gorgeous one by Nick Backstrom. Here’s how your boy John Walton called it:
  • There’s a player for the Flyers whose name is actually pronounced “ROFL.” Synecdochal. That team is a joke.
  • I can’t really stress how bad that first period was. The Caps were hardly in the Flyers’ zone for the first three quarters of the period. When they actually were in there, the Caps were chasing down dumped-in pucks. The Flyers, who are a bottom-third possession team, owned the puck for 70% of the first period. From ExtraSkater:

first period attempts

  • Okay, enough with trashing the Caps. I don’t know what happened during that first intermission, but I freaking LOVE it. The Capitals came out in the second like a team possessed. And also like a team with possession. Really since Nicky Backstrom‘s goal, the Caps had complete control of this game. Either that or the Flyers completely self-destructed. I’m not sure which. Let’s go with the one that makes the Caps look awesome.
  • What is there even to say about Jason Chimera. He is become death. Don’t look directly at him.
  • Steve Mason was chased from the net after 22:18. I’m just including this bullet so we have some kind of written record of Philadelphia’s goaltending misery. For our blog-reading posterity.
  • Joel Ward recorded his first career hat trick. Reminds me of when Perreault stepped up last time Ovi was out. That third line, anchored by Grabo, is a freaking monster.
  • The Flyers have Zac Rinaldo and Steve Downie. They’re a bad team and a dirty team, so what happened after Joel Ward hat trick goal, the 7th of the game, should be no surprise. What Ray Emery did to Braden Holtby is just pathetic. I’m seething here. The refs standing by doing nothing as a hockey fight turned into simple assault was pretty bad too. Luckily, Braden kept it together.
  • Braden Holtby shut out. Eat that, Ray Emery.
Joe B suit of the night: all of the things

Joe B suit of the night: all of the things

Quick story. My buddy Johnny was the person who got me into hockey in the first place. Johnny brought me to games with him in the late 90s to watch rinkside as Chris Simon smeared dudes into the glass. We ate pizza and bedgrudhingly cheered Mario Lemieux on his final run. Together we watched Ray Bourque finally raise the Cup.

Johnny turned 30 last week, and he was at tonight’s game with his wife. The flood of pics and text messages from him reminded me of watching those games with him 15 years ago. If you’re reading this, Johnny, thanks for everything.

Ovi who? After a rough 15 minutes, the Capitals really stepped up. The Flyers played their typically shitty style of hockey, but the Caps kept their composure. Can’t ask for more.

Good game. See you tomorrow night.

  • William

    Nicky, Carlson, Holts, and the third line played very well tonight.

    The second period from Philly was embarrassing at best and emery is a scumbag…

  • Marky Narc

    The Eastern Conference needs to become a relegation league so we can get rid of a couple of these non-serious, joke franchises for a season or two. And by “a couple”, I mean “Buffalo and Philadelphia.”

  • Josh Carey

    Over under on the games handed out by Shanaban?

  • Bob

    i was really looking forward to this recap for obvious reasons. Is it true that every time chimmer and wardo’s line gets a point, an angel gets its wings? But seriously, i love when that line clicks

  • Ryan

    Fucking awesome, this was literally the first game of the year that I got to sit down and watch start to finish and man did I pick I good one, emery can suck it, flyers can suck it, go caps!!!!)))))

  • me

  • well…. that’s upside down.

  • Matt

    If ovi played it would be 10-0, if not more. Philly’s goalies are just terrible. Bobrovsky got pulled tonight and stilled had 10x the game that Mason and scumbag Ray Emery had. But I am hoping the caps acually played a great game instead letting the Flyers implode on them.

  • PHI penalties. I’m sure they’re proud.

  • In case you wonder why I don’t give an Eff about “stars of the game”

  • Shaun Phillips

    Even bigger joke, holtby doesn’t get any of the stars of the game. Yet the @$$ at the other end of the rink with a .733 save percentage does…

  • Barrett

    Ice Cheetah t-shirts. Now.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Yup I thought a goalie’s job was to stop pucks.

  • Akay15

    I love it when Chimmer scores. Please make Ice Cheetah shirts. I will purchase immediately.

  • Matt

    Unless you are number 2, 5, or the very worst 4, your jersey number should not match your penalty minutes.

  • Dave

    please oh please: gifs of the Volpatti – Downie fight

  • Cole

    All this recap and no SCOAR MORE GOALS?!

    I am surprised.

  • Matt McNeely


  • It’snotallSemin’sfault

    Well done Filthadelphia.

  • Owen Johnson

    MAAAAAYBE, but sometimes teams play better and are more focused with their best player out for a game or two.

  • Matt

    Hopefully the focus carries over to Ovi’s return.

  • Owen Johnson

    That HAS to be a mistake. I think they mean Holtby.

  • Anela

    Everyone I was watching the game with was seething at the Emery/Holtby fight because of how dirty Emery was. I’m just glad Holtby wasn’t injured because we can’t afford to lose him too.

    Ward and Chimera were great to watch tonight. I love how excited Wardo looked. =)
    Let’s hope we can get another win tomorrow!

  • VeggieTart

    Maybe it’s because the Philly media is a bunch of idiots.

  • Filthadelphia


  • M Taylor

    Shameful. Who do we need to write to about this? What doing this award of a star to an untalented goon says about the NHL’s attitude towards protecting their players is telling. Frankly I would like to see the ref who let it go on and then waved off Latta when he would have gone in to pull Emery off Holtby fined and then unemployed for his lack of action/interaction. If both players want to go fine, but Holts had no desire….out of the rink Emery would be up on assault charges. But seriously I would love some addresses to send complaints to.

  • Rogbo64

    So that is Aloysius as in All I wish is more goals and assists…. Score Cheetah score!!!

  • Michael Reschly

    nhl.com has Holtby with only 54:02 of TOI: http://www.nhl.com/gamecenter/en/boxscore?id=2013020191&navid=sb:boxscore

    I understand (something a little less than 60) due to delayed penalties, but nearly 6 minutes less? Does he lose 5 minutes of credit due to the PIMs? Is that just an error?

  • MuzzMuzzington

    I thought being without Ovi would allow other guys to step up. I also predicted Tommy boy would get his first goal, I was almost right if not for that pesky hook!

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Just watched it on YouTube as I was working until the third. Damn he rocked him right in the schnozzola.

  • Downie went to the hospital after the game. I don’t really want to glorify that. I’m legitimately concerned for him and I hope he’s okay.

  • Owen Johnson

    I ROFLed at Michael Raffl-copter.

  • Dave

    Yeah, I read that after I posted the comment. Watching the fight again, it looked like Volpatti knew something was up and showed him some mercy at the end.

  • Matt Root

    The ref who didn’t stop the mugging by Emery should have been given a game misconduct. Add some games missed for him as well. That is just disgusting for hockey, Caps or any other team that is in the same situation.

  • Mike Dietz

    Players don’t release from the box right at 5 minutes for fighting. So the extra time is due to waiting for a puck stoppage.

  • Michael Reschly

    Right, but Holtby never physically went to the box. Does he lose credit for that time on ice?

  • Mike Dietz

    I’m pretty sure the principle stays the same. Neuvy played more than the five minutes before a stoppage happened where the caps could put Holts back in

  • Michael Reschly

    But Neuvy never played (if he had, it’s not a Holtby shutout). Holtby stayed on the ice immediately after the brawl.

    … and now the box score is updated to show Holtby with 60:00 of TOI. So just a temporary human error.

  • Mike Dietz

    I wasn’t paying that close attention to the game after the second period but I could have sworn I heard the announcers mention Neuvy. Also ESPN still has the play time for Holts at 54:02

  • Justin Collins

    Holtby never came out.

  • I’m in the process of designing one!!

  • Roman Z.

    Biggest trolls in NHL for the 2013-14 season: Philly media!

  • Roman Z.

    Can we get a gif of Grabo’s face every time Ward scored!!!

  • Joben

    Let’s start a Change.org petition over this

  • maddyjl

    Nope, I was at the game and they definitely never sent Neuvy in…

  • Rhino40

    Agree the Ref should have done more about this. But in all fairness, look closely at the video of the start of this fight/mugging: he did try to intercept Emery as the latter was on final approach to Holts…even deflected Emery’s course noticeably. But the Ref didn’t have enough mass or momentum, so Emery just spun off the “hit” and started whaling away anyhow.

  • Rhino40

    Rachel: Once your done with that I have another for you which I lack the skills/software to execute myself:

    Pic of Holts and his mates, ‘shopped to look kind of like this, and with title “Saskatchewan Holtby and the Temple of Goons”. There are number of Free fonts available for this, but I don’t have photoshop and don’t know how to combine the text & image elements. If you are interested in collaborating email me dnawahnish@gmail.com

  • Hokahey Hockey

    Give me a break! That Ref could have done so much more and called in the other three zebras. I’ve watched enough games that whenever Arron Asham ever threatens to pop someone, there are TWO zebras on him before the first glove comes off. Emery was clearly attacking Holtby — repeatedly hitting his head from behind when he was down. Emery is a lousy coward and St. Laurent as clueless as a clown.

  • bskillet


  • What happened was Nate Schmidt’s kick save at the blue line on Backstrom’s first goal gave the D confidence to pinch and keep the play in Philly’s zone, tiring out their D. I put together a video detailing exactly this. You can find it here: http://www.coverthepuck.com/caps-game-analysis/2013/11/washington-defense-pinch-their-way-to-7-0-blowout-at-the-flyers.html

  • Clare


  • Play it off! You did that intentionally to point at the chart. 😀

  • Rhino40

    Um,that’s “MOAR”…