A few weeks ago after the Washington Capitals beat the Winnipeg Jets in the shootout, Karl Alzner picked up where Mathieu Perreault left off and celebrated the win by doing some air archery on the bench. We called it an #AlzyCelly and begged you guys to give Alzner some love on Twitter so that he’d continue with the tradition (unlike last year). Well, it appears your guys’ hard work has paid off, because after the Caps shootout win against the Florida Panthers Saturday, Alzner took his stick and slammed it on the bench like it was Thor’s Hammer. We present to you #AlzyCelly number two!

If only the Comcast logo wouldn’t have popped up. Terrible timing! Still this is amazing.


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  • Brouwer Rangers


    (Second LOTR reference on RMNB tonight is that a record?)

  • Bob

    anytime i see a bench celebration i automatically think of matty p and it upsets me

  • Myan

    you gotta gif Grabo face washing Wardo during the on-ice celebration.

  • Brad Ricucci

    Do you all miss anything??

  • Brad Ricucci

    Need the gif of the flyers chick fan screaming oh my god after 6 Goal. It was hilarious.

  • bskillet

    Good win, very stupid penalty late by Olesky though, probably would have kept a point away from Fla. maybe not in the same division now but still same conference.

  • Kev

    Totally fktarded penalty by Oleksy, but meh. For those of you interested in a post-game radio show (after wins, cuz nobody wants to talk after losing) you should check mine out; it’s growing fast, call ins and knowledgeable co host spots: Fb page and show listed below… http://www.facebook.com/truthontapshow and http://www.spreaker.com/show/caps_on_tap_the_washington_capitals

  • Roman Z.

    This! I asked for that just yesterday in a different post!

  • Ben

    Its possible he is running through the characters in the Avengers.
    Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner

  • Owen Johnson

    Not quite the same as #PerryCelly. But if you want, I can maybe get Kat to get some stills and I can go to the next game with #AlzyCelly cutouts.

  • Owen Johnson


    That’s my fave LOTR quote.

  • Myan

    Oh crap I meant Grabo face washing Oleksy! But anybody in red face washing anybody else is great gif material!