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Vincent Lecavalier, the man who (thankfully) spurned the Washington Capitals offseason for a deal with the Flyers during the offseason, was all smiles before last night’s game. Why wouldn’t he be? The 33-year-old forward is making a cool $4.5 million over the next five seasons, and he is producing– leading the Flyers in points (7 in 9 games).

After the game, however, Lecavalier was lucky could move his head. His team started a ridiculous line-brawl after getting smoked 7-0 and, the French Canadian, who has dropped his gloves 25 times, fought Steve Oleksy. That proved to be unwise.

Lecavalier reportedly lost teeth in the bout and is day-to-day with a facial contusion (someone please explain to me what that means).

Speaking this morning, Oleksy clearly wanted to move on.

“It’s like anything in hockey: That was last game, you’ve got to put it behind you and focus on tonight’s game,” Steve Oleksy told The Washington Post’s Chelsea Janes. “What happened last night is over and done with, and we’re moving on.”

We’re not quite ready to move on yet.

Here are photos of Oleksy and Lecavalier’s fight.


Photo credit: Eric Hartline


Photo credit: Eric Hartline


Photo credit: Bruce Bennett


Photo credit: Bruce Bennett


Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

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  • John Shisler

    Refs: “Holtby is getting destroyed by Emery. Let that one keep going. OH SH*T! VINNY IS GETTING BEAT! STOP THAT FIGHT RIGHT NOW!”

  • Jon Stickel

    His face is bruised

  • I don’t typically root for injuries, but in retrospect the flyers got what was coming to them. Down arrow me, chastise me for being no better than Philly fans. I don’t care.

  • thompsonwerk

    If I were Vinny, I’d punch Emery in the back of the head before the end of next practice.

  • Robert

    lecavalier is a shitbag. It was nice seeing him get his ass kicked.

  • A contusion is a bruise … so he’s day to day with a facial bruise.

  • leaveittobeagle

    “Lecavalier reportedly lost teeth in the bout and is day-to-day with a facial contusion (someone please explain to me what that means).”

    That means he got his ass beat.

  • Denis Carmo

    Yesterday, I said the only thing the Flyers were good at was fighting. I was wrong. They got their asses handed to them

  • I was gonna chime in with a “that means he got punched in the face, Ian” but it looks like approximately everybody beat me to it.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Attaboy, Binky.

  • Catherine__M

    The silence from the league us deafening.

  • binky4norris

    Hey Ian I’m not sure what just happened in that first paragraph but it’s making me feel like I have brain problems.


    Ref on the bottom pic looks like Brad Richards..

  • Can you elaborate? Haha.

  • jacob

    completely agree

  • Matt McNeely

    I was not aware of it before last night, but apparently, in the game of hockey, some head injuries are deserved.

  • Barry

    After I read that Lecavalier lost a tooth/teeth, I shed a single tear

  • I know what a contusion is, I was just making fun of what the Flyers are broadly calling Vinny’s injury.

  • bskillet

    Points wise I should want Philly to win tonight but I don’t, hopefully Jersey beats that……..

  • Barrett

    Someone needs to have Oleksy sign a “Binky” T-shirt and mail it to Vinny Lecavalier.

  • Marky Narc

    That escalated quickly.

  • Rhino40

    I say again: the true meaning of “bein callled to account” is “getting your teeth knocked out by Steve Oleksy” #binked

  • Troy

    NHL Network – “Lecavlier really tried to step up the intensity by yanking his own teeth out to keep playing the game.”
    No mention of the score at the time….

  • Troy

    maybe he stopped that fight for his old bro…