Watch John Carlson Get Super Pissed at the Emery ‘Fight’


Photo credit: Eric Hartline

The Flyers-instigated brawl during Friday night’s game was an ugly scene for the league. Whatever your view of fighting, that a bloodthirsty player could get away with assaulting an unwilling opponent pulls the NHL towards the pro wrestling side of the spectrum. In the moment when Ray Emery attacked fellow goalie Braden Holtby, it was kind of hard to tell the difference between the two.

“He didn’t want to fight,” Emery told Chuck Gormley. “I said, basically, ‘Protect yourself.’ He didn’t really have much of a choice.”

Kind of like a mugging.

The Capitals were outraged that referee Francois St. Laurent let the ‘fight’ go on considering only one participant appeared to be willing.  Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson, in particular, was peeved. As he should be.


GIF by Ian Oland

No word on supplemental discipline for Ray Emery, but the aggressor rule, 46.2 in the NHL rulebook, seems have bearing here:

46.2 Aggressor – The aggressor in an altercation shall be the player who continues to throw punches in an attempt to inflict punishment on his opponent who is in a defenseless position or who is an unwilling combatant.

A player must be deemed the aggressor when he has clearly won the fight but he continues throwing and landing punches in a further attempt to inflict punishment and/or injury on his opponent who is no longer in a position to defend himself.

A player who is deemed to be the aggressor of an altercation shall be assessed a major penalty for fighting and a game misconduct.

A player who is deemed to be the aggressor of an altercation will have this recorded as an aggressor of an altercation for statistical and suspension purposes.

A player who is deemed to be both the instigator and aggressor of an altercation shall be assessed an instigating minor penalty, a major penalty for fighting, a ten-minute misconduct(instigator) and a game misconduct penalty (aggressor).

Emery was assessed a misconduct and a game misconduct, so… what’s next?

Thanks to @Tconn1116 for the tip.

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  • ACMEsalesrep

    “Kind of like a mugging.”

    Under any other circumstances, we’d call it assault, possibly aggravated.

  • Andrew

    Carlson LOVES Holtby, they are super good friends. I bet he wanted nothing more but to get on that ice and beat the shit out of Emery. Can only imagine what Ovechkin would of done if he was there

  • @MowTown10

    I agree that Emery should be disciplined and suspended for his involvement in this “Fight”. Unfortunately it doesn’t hurt anyone on the Flyers because he rarely plays and when he does he can’t stop the puck. The Flyers are brutal right now, just glad Holtby wasn’t hurt.

  • William

    I wish I could use enough figurative language to accurately describe how much I hated that move by emery…The flyers should release him. I wouldn’t want to be associated with something who makes those kinds of decisions.

    Amazing looking through hfboards, and the newspapers, EVERYONE agrees that it was a classless move. And his postgame comments? fucking bullshit.

    There should be a clause in the nhl rulebook to allow carlson to go out there and break it up or something, holtby had no chance and was defending himself at best.

  • JenniferH

    I’m still kinda reeling from watching that … person whaling on my precious Braden. I was only happy to see him fine and smiling afterwards. Not fun, and I completely get why Carlson was so pissed!

  • William

    Yeah you wonder about that sometimes…Probably worse than Varly..

  • madsenkd

    There’s going to be some serious hell to pay the next time the Flyers walk into the Verizon Center.

  • giacfsp

    Emery is a classless thug who has no business being in the NHL, and he needs to be suspended.

    And while we’re handing out pink slips here, whatever moron who gave Emery the third star should have his voting privilege revoked permanently, and the Flyers should seriously consider revoking that clown’s credential. That move was an insult to the game, to the NHL and to both teams involved.

    Of course, Emery’s display was an insult to the human race. What a nauseating human being (if you can call him that).

  • serpent

    If the quote to Gormley is accurate, it was aggravated assault. Emery should be not only suspended but arrested.

  • OlietheGoalie

    I like Neuvy’s “meh” stance the whole time. He knew Braden was fine, and probably just having a good time.

  • Steph

    Here is the writer responsible for the third star–from his Twitter:

    Frank Seravalli ‏@DNFlyers

    I have the three stars vote tonight. Is it screwed up to give one to Ray Emery… you know, just for the hell of it?

  • The Flyers and Caps have two more home-and-homes against each other…mid-December and early March. Get your popcorn ready!

  • VeggieTart

    I think Latta wanted to go to Holtby’s aid but the linesman, St. Laurent, waved him off.

  • VeggieTart

    Yeah, Frank, it is screwed. It is beyond screwed up to do that.

  • Pat

    He’s just happy he wasn’t in net

  • Pat

    I wish. But who’s going to do the hell paying? No more Hendricks and Erskine not in the lineup we really don’t have many fighters.

  • Dave

    As a life long Blackhawk fan from the days of Bobby Hull & Stan Mikita, I am totally shocked by the actions of our former goalie Ray Emery. Never did I imagine him to be the street thug that he obviously is. To attack for no good reason the opposing goalie because he’s shutting out your team and that you couldn’t stop 4 goals by Washington is the most senseless and ridiculous thing I have ever seen in the game of Hockey. He needed to be suspended and heavily fined, I’m sorry that his name is engraved on the Stanley Cup, too bad we can’t have it erased. Totally disappointed that he ever wore a Blackhawk jersey!

  • Pay them back by playing outstanding hockey and getting another shutout. Or two or three.

  • Tommy

    It was ugly. I am glad no one was hurt, that we know of. As much as I like fighting, I equally dislike watching players continue to punch when one player is exposed and has given up the ghost. Emery was taking direct shots at Holtby’s head in what looked like a deliberate attempt to injure him. It seemed more obvious than the suspensionable boarding hits we’ve seen. I have no respect for Emery as a player, anymore.

  • I like Neuvirth’s facial expression in the background.
    To be fair, what was Emery supposed to do when Holtby declined the fight? “Oops, sorry I skated all the way over here to get rejected, now I’ll amble on back to my own net.” Would’ve looked really embarrassing.

  • Ryan

    Ummm the entire fourth line? Volpatti Wilson Latta oleksy will all (and did) throw down

  • Pat

    I should rephrase that…we don’t have many good fighters. They can all throw down but we need someone who’s actually feared. I’m hoping wilson can fill that roll eventually.

  • Ben Reed

    #runEmery #sub.900

  • Chris Cerullo

    Call up the Recker.

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    I think Volpatti fills that role nicely. Wilson & Oleksy aren’t afraid to throw down, either (as proven last night, among other nights)…

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    The “third man in” rule prevented any other player from interfering. But the ref should’ve stepped in the second Holtby said he didn’t want to fight under Rule 46.2. I’d want that ref to explain himself as well…

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    A game misconduct penalty is an automatic $200 fine (I know, I know, “how will Emery support himself?”, but) and the Commissioner is automatically notified to decide whether he wants to add suspensions/further fines to it…

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    Holtbeast beat them where it counts…

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    I knew there was a reason why I love visiting Chicago so much =)…

  • bskillet

    Maybe Emery should concentrate more on learning to stop a puck then fighting. It’s not really a goalie’s job but if he chooses maybe he can take on Wilson or Jason next meeting.

  • leaveittobeagle

    Sounds like you want them to play Flyers hockey.

  • leaveittobeagle

    Yes it is Frank. Proves what a child you are. You human paraquat.

  • Pat

    What? That comment doesn’t even make sense. What does playing flyers hockey to do with getting an actual enforcer? The flyers don’t even have a real enforcer.

    If anything, the bruins are an decent comparison. They have two legit guys with Chara and Lucic. Teams shy against getting physical with them. Although Erskine is a tough man, the last real enforcer we have had was Brashear.

  • Barrett

    When your goalie is getting mugged, this is one of the only acceptable time to have a player leave the bench, take the fine and suspension. I’ve stated it many times before, the NHL and referees are NOT going to police the players. They have to police themselves.

    Anyone think we should sign Brent Johnson for one game? He can one punch Emery like he did DiPietro. Emery was lucky his team wasn’t playing Colorado or he would have felt what its like to get beat up by Patrick Roy. Haha.

  • asdasd

    That happens every single night with the same reaction every time, the offending player continues to chirp him and skates away.

  • iHeartHockey31

    Apparently Emery is the Flyers Enforcer

  • iHeartHockey31

    I was at the game & the TV feeds didn’t show what happened right before the fight. After Emery raced down the ice to other crease, Holtby turned his back to Emery & basically waved him off, starting to skate away & Emery just reached out & started punching him. We were on the upper mezz and could tell from there that Holtby didn’t want to fight. [At least he didn’t want to fight Emery].

    I don’t think it would have been the same thing if it was any other goaltender that went down there. [although I think any other goaltender wouldn’t have hit the guy after he turned his back to him.] Emery is a trained boxer, what young goaltender is going to willingly take him on in a fight?

    I was worried the next day when I heard Emery was starting. I kept thinking — what if the Flyers can’t score against the Devils — is Emery going to go down & beat the crap out of Marty too?

    I take my dad to all of the Flyers games, but I’m mostly a goalie fan. I like the Flyers this season because we have a really hot goalie [Steve Mason]. But I like Holtby because he’s cute too. I didn’t really care for Emery before Friday, but now I just outright dislike him.

  • Tommy

    why didn’t John jump in? why did other caps not jump in? Don’t care if the ref is saying stay out – somebody needs to get there

  • Daniel Weaver

    Philly is a joke of a hockey team. Emery is a thug and an embarrassment to hockey. If I were a philly season ticket holder, I’d ask for a refund!

  • aaron

    I know Oleksy personally through playing AAA hockey in Detroit. Trust me when i say that he WILL be feared soon enough. That kid can throw hands with the best of them. Next time the caps n flyers play i’m hoping to see him take a run at Emery and beat the piss out of whoever challenges him.