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Hockey, thankfully, is nonpartisan. Sports is one thing Americans can set aside politics for. Instead of hating our neighbor because he’s on the other side of the aisle, we can hate him because he’s a Flyers fan. With that in mind, please no angry political comments. We’re still a hockey blog.

Today I covered the ceremony to honor the 2013 Stanley Cup-winning Blackhawks at the White House. It’s a decades-old presidential tradition to honor the champions of major American professional and college sports — even the winners of the Little League World Series. Today’s event was the 55th time a team has visited during the Barack Obama presidency. Annoyingly, it’s also the second Blackhawks trip. Normally a team visits when they’re in town to play the local DC team, though that wasn’t the case today. The Blackhawks don’t come to Verizon Center until right before the playoffs in mid-April, so the team used one of their odd days in between home games to make the trip.

As usual, the President gave a short speech honoring the team. In this case, since President Obama is from Chicago, he gloated a bit on that front.

“Since I’ve been president, only one team has brought a world championship to my hometown of Chicago,” Obama said. “Three years ago, the ‘Hawks won their first Stanley Cup in 49 years. And keep in mind, the Cubs have been waiting for 105, so 49 might have not seemed so bad. But luckily, the second Stanley Cup came just a little bit quicker.”

He then talked about some Blackhawks players we don’t care about and made a joke about using a hockey stick to break Washington gridlock. Ray Emery, in attendance with his former team, must’ve appreciated that.

Below, take a look at my photos from the event. Why don’t the Caps do this some time?

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  • Owen Johnson

    Still needs to come to a game.
    Operation Barack the Red 2.0?

  • Jim Kelly

    “Hockey, thankfully, is nonpartisan.”

    Unless you are Tim Thomas.

  • Matt

    I wonder if he pulled aside Kane and said “you are wining that gold medal and you are going to make Putin cry!”

  • photobomb

    I am a HUGE fan of your site. So to show you some love, I did this today. My work takes me to the White House often, and today after the guests had left and they were packing The Cup, I asked the guy if I could have a quick pic. As my friend took the photo, I quickly raised up my “RMNB face” to cover mine. I had to blot out my clothes, because they would immediately give away my position at work, and I can’t afford to get in trouble. So here you go; I love you guys.

  • photobomb

    why isn’t the photo posting?

  • Freedoooom

    2 years ago. Get over it.

  • Freedoooom

    Please stop pretending you are nonpartisan. The damn twitter account attacks Tim Thomas all the damn time.

    Why don’t you spend more time attacking Bergeron, Krejci, and Lucic, who went after Backstroms head after every whistle during the playoff series instead of going after the guy who blocker punched him and then apologized.

  • JenniferH

    Nope. Tacky as all hell.

  • Ash

    Because RMNB has the right to express their opinion, the same way Tim Thomas does? It’s just that most of us thought Tim Thomas’s opinion was dumb. He’s perfectly within his rights to hold it; others are perfectly within their rights to say they disagree.

    And hey, this is clearly just your opinion, and that’s fine for you to have. I just happen to think your opinion in this case is pretty damn dumb. This specific article didn’t even mention Thomas. If there’s any kind of nonpartisan agenda here, you seem to be the one determined to make it.

  • SL87

    Tacky as hell to enforce your free will and not take a picture with a man he didn’t agree with in any way?

  • SL87

    to be he did say government in general and both parties…

  • yv

    Too bad to see that Emery has received another honor after Friday’s Caps-Flyers 3d-star and Saturday’s first star of the games. He might feel right now as a hero. NHL has now intention to change some rules about GT fighting. But, hopefully, he will play on Dec. 15th in Philly and on Dec. 17th in VC, and every Caps player will keep saying some choice of words to him during whole game, not mentioning Caps fans.

  • disqus_VwoeSeqlK8

    Can we talk about how the Hawks gave him a outdated jersey? That’s the old Reebok logo on the back. New jersey has it spelled out. Odd.

  • Yeah, I noticed that. Weird.

  • You’re just wrong. Here is every RMNB Tweet referring to Tim Thomas from the last 18 months. Count how many you think are attacking him.

    Two years running, Tim Thomas belongs to a team that needs to get above the salary floor. #unfundedmandate

    From forever ago: Tim Thomas shares his favorite Alex Ovechkin

    Would you rather have Alex Semin or Tim Thomas as a teammate?

    So is it fair to say #Caps fans made Tim Thomas lose the will for playing hockey?

    New RMNB: Tim Thomas apologizes to Nicklas Backstrom for blocker punch #Caps

    We trolled him hard, but Tim Thomas is a gentleman and a great hockey player. Salute.

    SCOAR! Thomas’s million game game 7 streak is OVER>

    Photo: People just won’t let Tim Thomas live that down (Via Reddit)

    That puck was never covered. Thomas gets a charity whistle.

    Tim Thomas is awesome. Any followers who are Boston fans, feel free to RT that. We can admit it.

    Thomas is doing a great job stopping the shots and blocker-punching the Caps so far today.

    Tim Thomas looks like Chet Smythe tonight. (Conn’s brother who used to mix paint at Hechinger’s and drink a lot of MD 20/20. Big Bread fan.)

    Thomas woulda saved that during the Bachmann administration.


  • CJ Easton

    I kinda hate myself for this but every time I see Emery now I just wanna deck him hard enough to shatter an orbital bone. It amazes me how much I hate him now.

  • JenniferH

    Yeah, it is because it wasn’t about politics, it was about the President of your country honoring the fact that your team won the Stanley Cup. It wasn’t about a political party. So, yeah, it was tacky as all hell. And I’d say that if it was a Democrat who did the same thing when it was a Republican President in office.

  • sal go

    patriot act?