It took Washington Capitals rookie forward Tom Wilson 15 games and 100 minutes, but he finally did it. Wilson recorded his first NHL point– a primary assist– on Tuesday night. Alexander Urbom also scored his first goal as a Capital on the play.

Wilson’s assist was a little silly and a lot awesome.

As the 2012 first round pick went to the net, John Tavares tripped him. Wilson fell over, but landed in a sitting position. He slid through the crease and towards the boards, but he was able to pass the puck — from a seated position — to the slot. It went right to Urbom. Just like they drew it up.

Urbom shoots. Urbom SCOARS.




GIFs by welshhockeyfan

Alex Ovechkin has The Goal. Well, now Wilson has The Assist.

Way to go, Ten Train. And way to go, Caps fans, for giving Wilson a standing O after the goal. best))))

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  • No love for me? I:

    a) totally called this at 5 PM https://twitter.com/russianmachine/status/397846926408036352

    b) wrote 1000+ words on how Wilson could score this morning http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2013/11/05/tom-wilsons-future-is-not-on-the-fourth-line/



  • themav80

    MoJo gets a first!
    Wilson gets a first!
    Urbom gets a first!

    Every body gets a first!

  • Jack Conness

    Love seeing this. I really like Wilson and hope he can somehow get some more ice time. I know it is tough with how the other lines are playing though.

    By the way, these top two NEW lines look great. Erat looks spectacular.

  • Red

    Wilsooooon! Those boys on the 4th line are having a good time.

  • Steven Coyle

    Did no one pick up on the ” SCOARS “….ummmm is that how we spell SCORES ?…..

  • maddyjl

    You must be new here…
    We don’t score. We don’t even just scoar. We scoar moar goals.

  • jp_daddi0

    Wilson with the celebratory stick check to Grabo’s face in that celebration scrum…

  • Clint Petty

    Drop the Ur-Bomb on them Islanders!

    Sorry I just had to…

    Carry on

  • Red

    Don’t downvote this man. Welcome to RMNB! ¡Bailamos!

  • Andrew Walker

    Aw man! And I’ve been wearing this all this time! http://russianmachineneverbreaks.spreadshirt.com/scoar-moar-goals-men-s-t-shirt-A9800710

    Also, I’ll give you the upvote. Welcome!

  • heh

    welcome to the team

  • Roman Z.

    How special was YOUR first?

  • Owen Johnson

    New nickname: the Ur-BOMB.

  • themav80

    Well I didn’t get a standing ovation from thousands of people.