While I was watching The Daily Show last night, a new national commercial for Verizon Wireless popped up on the screen. I pretty much ignored it until I heard the word “Ovi.” uuuuuuuuAH? You know I re-wound that ish on my DVR.

Washington Capitals forwards Alex Ovechkin and Brooks Laich star in a new commercial for Verizon where they show up out of nowhere at a local hospital. No, they’re not there for the dude in pain laying on the gurney. They’re there for his son suffering from an acute case of #FOMOH: The Fear Of Missing Out on Hockey.

And Brooksie and Ovi are about to operate.

Son: Alex Ovechkin’s in town and I was going to watch hockey, but my dad scheduled hernia surgery on the same day.
Dad: Why is that machine beeping?
Son: And now Ovi’s gone. And I missed him.
Dad: You know I can hear you right?
Son: Shhhhhh.
Brooks Laich: Millions of fans are suffering from #FOMOH: the fear of missing out on hockey.
[Ovechkin dramatically pulls on hospital drape to reveal himself.]
Alex Ovechkin: Don’t be one of them. Download NHL Gamecenter and get free premium upgrade. Only on Verizon.
Brooks Laich: Enjoy exclusives like live national games and NHL On The Fly.
Dad: Nurse?

Well done, boys. Ovi’s evil sounding english is the best.


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  • Barry

    It was a lot funnier when I read the transcript and thought the son was a child. Also I thought Ovi was preping to do the surgery, which I believe he’s liscensed to do in Russia.

  • Steve Hickey

    its no late night filings.

  • BlueGreen

    It’s Ovi from hospital

  • Capslass

    I did the same thing (rewinding when I heard Ovi) when I was watching the Daily Show. Brooks looks like he’s going to laugh at the end. I want out-takes.

  • Owen Johnson


  • I love how this is still a thing.

  • JenniferH


  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    “Hockey ah it’s best.”
    “AT. AT.”