Alex Ovechkin is Doing The Troll Face A Lot Lately


Every NHL player gets an allotment of tickets for games. It’s written in the CBA. Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin apparently had a milestone day in this regard, as Mike Green reports on his Twitter account that Ovi has given away his tickets for the first time ever. John Carlson is the beneficiary. No big deal, but there is a reason we’re writing.

Check out the photo. Ovi knows what the internet wants, and he delivers the troll face for the second time in two days. John Carlson is notable just because he is not yelling or grimacing for the first time. And there’s good ol’ Steve “Norris” Oleksy poking his head out between Ovi and Carlson’s torsos. Why not. They won three in a row.



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  • Marky Narc


  • Rhino40

    What about the #crazyeyes Ovi displayed the instant before bestowing shaving cream pie on Wilson?

  • GraboDaboDoo

    Does Ovi look fat?


  • scott

    his mustache does not show well in that photo

  • jward42

    Joel Ward had a good week, too!

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Big week for the big cheese!

  • eibborssorg

    Big night boys! Hope the Skins and Caps can do some damage against Minnesota!

  • that’s probably for the best

  • remrats

    Troll face is good, but Oleksy photobomb is better.