• Mikey

    At least he has the mo’ for it!

  • Justin

    Always like watching the shootout celebrations. Comcast has to learn not to throw the logo graphic over Alzner doing work.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Leaving Alex Urbom very confused

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    he did this for ian. for sure.

  • Matt Reed

    I feel like Alznermaniacs needs to become a thing.

  • I know RIGHT

  • I need a lesson from Karl.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    lol. he’s poking him as if to say…”dude. are you real?”

  • Denis Carmo

    Let me tell you something brother! The AlzyCelly makes wish the Caps win every game on the shootout!

  • camilla alsobrook

    One more reason for me to wear the Alzy shirsey tomorrow!

  • Anela

    Matching staches matching celebration! I love the AlzyCellys

  • seandlax9

    I am appeased

  • Clay Ransone

    I smell a new entry in the RMNB shirt store.

  • Jonathan Garcia

    Did any of you see someone kick Wilson’s helmet across the ice after the gathering at center? Poor guy had to go play fetch.

  • Dan

    Just about the only redemptive thing about the pure evil that is shootouts.

    AlzyCellys 4 life.

  • Daniel Mastracco

    You guys are the greatest blog on the planet!

  • Philip Gooden

    Alzner almost never messes up. Thank you sir for carrying on Matty P’s legacelly.

  • what an interesting idea

  • legacelly

  • Name

    Any time I see these posts, I really miss Matty P. It should be the #AlzyPeryCelly 🙁

  • Philip Gooden

    I thought someone would finally understand it. Prop’s Peter.

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    Thor, Hawkeye, “Hulk”… Who’s excited for BLACK WIDOW!?

  • bskillet

    Hey they got the same mustache thing going on, maybe we could sign the Hulkster and put him on that 2nd line? I bet he could clear out the crease.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    look out, brother

  • Justin

    Volpatti sent his helmet down the ice after Erat knocked it off his head. This is the type of lighthearted rookie hazing that doesn’t lead to major psychological damage and leaving the team. Take note, Miami Dolphins.

  • Gersh21

    Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and CRASH THE NET!

  • sheena dunn

    I love you guys!!!! 🙂

  • You can’t wipe Caps Red out of your ledger.

  • VeggieTart

    Or “get outta my way. I’m trying to get on the ice.”

  • ck

    So I would buy this on a shirt. Twice. Just to make sure I had a backup.