Tom Wilson’s Sketch Cards For Panini Are Tremendous


Panini America, the same company that brought you the Joe Beninati rookie card, just blew my mind. The folks at their blog The Knight’s Lance, have released photos of sketch cards created by prospects at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase. You  remember the NHLPA Rookie Showcase, right?

During the showcase we noticed that Tom Wilson drew a Canadian flag. That was not his only sketch.




A few observations from a guy with a B.A. in Visual Arts:

  1. In Wilson’s drawing entitled The Boys, he accurately draws himself taller than a tree. Also, since when is his nickname Wils? Unacceptable.
  2. Wilson’s boy Boone kinda looks like Jane from Daria.
  3. Who is Pears? I need to know who Pears is.
  4. Wilson’s Caps logo drawing is pretty good. I’m deducting points for that weird red outer glow around the stars though.
  5. Props for embracing his Canadian-ness, but that maple leaf looks more like a ninja star than foliage.
  6. I know this happened after the fact, but I am sad he did not draw this.

Despite the jokes, way to go, Wils. Is there anything he can’t do?

S/T to Panini’s Facebook page which is glorious. First posted by Sean Gentille.

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  • Fedor

    Pears is either Tanner Pearson of the LA Kings or this
    Monny is probably Sean Monahan, Boone is Boone Jenner

  • Myan

    am I the only one that thinks his maple leaf looks like a marijuana leaf?

  • Alex Repp

    I think that might actually be “T-Wils”, which is actually cooler or dorkier depending on which way you look at it. Note the crossing of the W.

  • Bryan Egan

    The Mayor or Toronto one is easily my favorite.