Alex Ovechkin’s Home Attacked by Cervidae (Photo)


Ovi is the best tweeter in town.

Apparently a deer tried to jump his fence last night. Ovi’s caption:

For all the other deer that want in my yard, use the gate please.!hahaha

I think that’s Ovi’s mom in a bathrobe inspecting the damage.

Ovi is the best. That is all. Carry on with your day.

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  • Chris Cerullo

    Is he sure a car didn’t hit it? Lord that must have been a large deer.

  • Max Duchaine

    No-eye deer.

  • Shawn Murphy

    So you’re telling me the day after his team defeats the “Wild” a roaming feral beast attacks his home?

  • Alex

    ^ THIS

  • Chris Pavlakos

    so sick hahahaha ))))))))))

  • ck

    Awfully built fence, or gigantic deer?

  • leaveittobeagle

    There are tire marks leading straight to the fence. Metal bent inwards and buckled and no fur on the spikey things atop the fence. This thing was pulled down from the inside. Hmmmm. Did anyone say ballooning beltway conspiracy???

  • John Fitzmaurice

    Clearly not a Russian gate.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Fantastic. Ovi’s mom in the housecoat and birkenstocks really makes it for me. But wow. I get dear in my backyard all the time (I have no fence though) and I had no idea they can do this kind of damage.

  • Hokahey Hockey

    Looks like Ovie’s fence got freight trained!

  • Myan

    I hope the deer is OK.

  • Brackaphobia

    Ovi’s mom is probably making borscht with that deer right now.

  • sheena dunn

    You can see the blood on the fence.

  • Maybe the dumbest comment thread on RMNB yet

  • Joben

    In Soviet Russia, fence knock down deer.

  • Owen Johnson

    A little grammatical correction
    “Cervidae” is the family name. Thus an individual deer would be a “cervid,” and the plural would be “cervids.” Just as we, Chimps, Gorillas, and Orangs are all “hominids.”
    Sorry, for being a science nerd.

  • bskillet

    Wow, what’s the gate made of? maybe it was a moose…:)


  • buzzkill

  • Rick Fox

    I would ask for a refund on that fence. It didn’t do exactly what fences are suppose to do!

  • yv

    Maybe it was frustrated Alex-minor-hurricane who trying to come back and to have some conversation with other Alex.

  • BlueGreen

    Hopefully his car was parked in the driveway and his dashcam caught it.

  • Meteor jokes! YES! MORE PLS!

  • sal go

    It was vodka. Nice try though

  • Owen Johnson

    Then it would be “cervids” and not “cervidae.”

  • Dominic

    He gets another Hart!