Colorado’s Jan Hejda tripped Alex Ovechkin near the end of the second period of the Sunday’s Avs-Caps game. Ovechkin went horizontal, his face smeared into the boards. He lied motionless for over a minute while every Caps fan did his or her best not to lose his or her mind.

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Ovechkin eventually got up under his own power to the applause of fans in Denver. Upon reaching the bench, he began complaining about the lack of a penalty on the play– using some illustrative language. It became aparrent Ovi would be okay as he took his next shift– to a chorus of boos from the crowd in Denver. Just as it should be.

Russian machine never breaks.



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  • James Overman

    Im not saying that high-fiving the board with your face doesn’t hurt but I know as a man, notice the kick in the groin after and tell me you dont cringe just a little bit more.

  • Hockey mom

    There is definitely something wrong with that ice. Guys from both teams are falling as much as my Mite player does. Between that and the bad referring, we will be lucky to get out of there unhurt!

  • OlietheGoalie

    I think it’s insane the fans were booing because they said he was embellishing. Did you see that hit he took? I’m sure he, as I, was scared he just broke everything in his head.

  • GuestZ

    this officiating is making me cringe even more…

  • The most painful part of that appears to be the skate to the cup. Ouch.

  • Jack Conness

    The nut-shot is BRUTAL. Ouch. That is why he was on the ground so long.

  • Darla

    lay motionless. lied = didn’t tell the truth.

  • Artem

    bravo Alex….faking all the way…

  • lrhflute

    I think the fans were booing his language on the bench. (I think Craig and Joe did, too).