Screencap via Reddit user domaa

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin may not have had his best game on Sunday, but one super fan managed to get the Great 8 into the highlight reel anyway. During a stoppage in play, a man with a giant “8” shaped and colored into his epic beard saluted the Colorado crowd and the CSN cameras. One of our readers, @pthompsonktown, tells us he’s a DC transplant who now lives out in Denver.

This moment in facial hair history is definitely not brought to you by Gillette.

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  • Guest

    Honestly at a loss of words. Like, what am I looking at?

  • Alfie Alexander

    That man is winning at life.

  • Eric Brooks

    Hey that’s me! I am honored to be on the site. I will always rock the red out here in Colorado! Tough loss tonight but I put some smiles on everyone’s faces!

  • Matthew Kory

    Glad for Eric’s sake The Great 8 picked that number and not 93 or something.

  • BPThomas

    That’s my screenshot! I worked so hard for that!

  • bskillet

    I think creepy is a better description out of the two

  • Of course dude!

  • Red

    Respect the beard. Movember salutes you.

  • CT

    Between this, and the Bengals Beer Can Beard man, it has been a stellar year for beards. Holy crap.