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It was Russian Heritage Night at Verizon Center on Tuesday, so how else could the Washington Capitals game end but with an Alex Ovechkin goal in overtime. It was Ovi’s 13th career OTGWG — the most in Caps franchise history — and his 14th goal of the 2013-14 season.

While Ovi was the one who crashed the net, the reason why you’re getting 50% off your online order from Papa John’s tomorrow is Marcus Johansson.

Johansson has been a lightning rod of criticism from Caps fans, showing tons of skill, but playing soft in the corners and not finishing. It can be infuriating, but on Tuesday he did everything right.

A minute and a half into overtime, a confident Johansson skated the puck into the offensive zone with a purpose, absorbed a James Wisniewski hip check along the boards, and powered through to the net.


He then curled and put a backhanded shot on Sergei Bobrovski.


Ovechkin did the dirty work, securing the game-winner and then going nuts. You know, typical Ovi things.


“Jojo do great job, fight through [the check] and after that, I have to go to the net and find the rebound,” Ovechkin told media after the game. “I got lucky puck, bounce right onto my stick, and big goal.”

The Capitals had no business winning tonight. Their defense was terrible; none of the goals scored on Braden Holtby were his fault. But like we’ve seen in the past, this team can get by on their above-average skill. A win’s a win, but it should have not had to come to this.


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  • MJ90nCaps

    Is that Russian Heritage thing real?

    If so, Orlov better be playing.

  • Ash

    Mr. Mojo, risin’!

  • GuestZ

    When I saw Graby and Nicky on the ice I wondered who would be paired with Ovi. So then we see #90 on the ice, and as he got the puck in the neutral zone I said to myself “oh… lame…” and then he emerged from the boards with the puck. “Oh, sweet!” I said to myself. Then “We won!” Then, “OVVVVIIIIIIII!!!!!” MoJo’s rising up this season. Thank Jebus…

  • Roman Z.

    I don’t live in Washington, can someone explain what this Russian Heritage Night is all about?

  • “The Washington Capitals are excited to announce that Tues., Nov. 12 is Russian Heritage Night when the Capitals take on the Columbus Blue Jackets. This matchup highlights several players hailing from Russia including the Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin and Blue Jackets Fedor Tyutin, Artem Anisimov, Nikita Nikitin and Sergei Bobrovsky.
    Tickets start as low as $39 and that includes a bobble head doll of Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin. Tickets will go quickly so buy yours today”


  • Yo8

    A Russian legend was today on the stands 😉

  • Freedoooom

    edit nvm

  • CDizz

    Seeing that in person was nutso. As soon as I saw Mojo go into the corner I was like “well shit” buuut then he somehow powered through that straight to the net. Starting to freaking love this guy.

  • Roman Z.

    So basically playing Columbus’ numerous Russian players made it a RHN lol

  • JenniferH

    Mojo’s skating was super-super sweet.

  • Moose

    It was Swedish heritage night vs the wild last Thursday

  • Matt

    It was Scandinavian night, because of all the Finns on the Wild, even though Finland isn’t technically Scandinavian.

  • Matt

    Columbus almost has as many Russians as the 08-09 caps.

  • Graham Dumas

    Shouldn’t it have been a matryoshka doll, with each subsequent doll being one of those aforementioned Russians?

  • RY

    Jojo, huh?