Alex Semin Pranks Justin Peters During Interview (Video)


From 2006 through 2012, Alex Semin was an inscrutable, playful presence on the Washington Capitals roster. Now that he’s with Carolina Hurricanes, Lesser Sasha doesn’t seem to have changed much. Friend-of-the-blog and Canes photographer extraordinaire Jamie Kellner shared a little video that reminds us of all the good times.

As Tripp Tracy of Fox Sports talks to Justin Peters, Carolina’s de facto number-one goalie, Semin buries them in snow.

That sounds about right. Recall, if you will, Alex Semin’s failed safari for Nick Backstrom or his HR-worrying hug attack on Mike Green. One time he was so excited after winning at Worlds that he made himself bleed while undressing.

semin chair

Is this why people talk about Semin’s work ethic?

Semin has just 3 goals and 5 points assists with Carolina through 18 games. The Canes are struggling overall– sporting the 5th worst shooting percentage in the league, so don’t worry about Sasha. He’ll be fine. He always is.

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  • Eileen Lucas

    He never fails to make me smile!!

  • Chris Cerullo

    I miss Sasha minor 🙁

  • Hale

    Still struggling to score goals, as is the team, but he has 5 assists to go with the 3 goals, not 5 points, so make that 8! But, alas, the luck should come. Ain’t for wont of tryin’.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Ha! I will always love the picture of him sitting on Neuvy.

  • Tommy

    We can’t afford him now but imagine a second line of Grabs, Erat and Semin. Smashgoal.

  • bskillet

    Just can’t erase that image of him ‘attempting’ to fight.

  • JohnG

    Worth noting that the Canes are minus Jeff Skinner and have been playing a third-string goalie since mid-October. They’ve won 3 of the last 4 (and the other one was a shoot-out loss) though, including against the Avs, and Semin has been both a strong offensive and defensive presence even if he (and most of the forwards) hasn’t been racking up points. There’s no shortage of love for him in Carolina.

  • Hale

    I know, and that makes me happy. Probably no one more frustrated than he is that he’s not scoring, but I believe it will come, as it will with the others.

  • Jesse Morgan

    I miss the alexsemin twitter account.

  • BaconSkittles

    You just made my loins tingle.

    Semin would have 18 goals by now, Grabs would have 29 assists, Erat would have 35 points, Don Cherry would have an aneurysm, and Milbury would punch a child in frustration.