Photo credit: Washington Capitals Instagram

Washington Capitals forward Martin Erat is a supremely talented hockey player. Apparently, he also breeds well. On Thursday, his wife brought 20-month old Sebastian to practice to see Daddy before flying to Detroit. I am figuratively MELTING IN OMG’s looking at this media. He is the most adorable child you will ever see.

Friend of the blog and pun master Adam Vingan reports that after stopping by the locker room and hanging out with players, young Sebastian took to the ice and shot some pucks with Dad — pacifier still in mouth.

It is a blog tragedy that we do not have photos of this (do you?), but at least we have video from Monumental Network of Erat’s son hanging out in the locker room.




GIFs by goalvechkin

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  • Scott Mallon

    cute radar just exploded.

  • Kate Jamison

    Look at those cheeks!

  • Scuba

    What prototype skate is Ovi holding?

  • Kelly Greve Hereth

    Not sure which is cuter, Holtby showing his face mask to Lil E or the fist pump. Scott Mallon nailed it…#BOOM2cute

  • rh71

    don’t tell me those are the real runners because you could easily fit a blade through there. 2 mins for tripping. Maybe it’s a feature.

  • Guest

    don’t tell me those are the real blade holders because you could easily fit a blade through there. 2 mins for tripping. Maybe it’s a feature.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    He’s looking at Ovi like…there’s something special about this dude. Not sure what.

  • VeggieTart

    Aw, what a cutie pie.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Ian, you sound like a baby crazed woman!

    Cute kid nonetheless.

  • Ash

    But can RMNB detectives figure out which player can’t resist ruffling Sebastian’s hair as he walks past?

    …Erat and baby!Erat have the exact same facial expression at one point in the second gif. SO CUTE.

  • ACN

    Erat better watch out– Sebastian seems intrigued by the goalies. Maybe he’s going to want to play in goal instead of being a forward!

  • Golly Girl

    Gotta be Carlson … he was in the corner at the beginning of the video clip.

  • remrats

    I’m surprised Erat didn’t give him a mouthguard to chew on instead of a pacifier.

  • holtbysaidno

    You mean this guy?

    Also, I hope that BabyHoltbeast and BabErat grow up to be friends playing hockey like Wayne and Garth