Screaming Katy Perry meet Screaming Michael Latta.

Last night, as Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson lobbed a harmless shot on net, Detroit Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard gave up a huge rebound. The puck bounced off Howard’s right pad and ricocheted right onto Michael Latta‘s stick. It was a well-deserved gift from the hockey gods: Latta is working hard and crashing the net. The 22-year-old center knew what to do next: he lifted the puck on his backhand towards the right corner. Nylon meshing splashed. Goal! Tie game! Latta had scored his first NHL goal!

Latta skated towards the end boards and turned towards the Caps bench, his back to the glass. He let out the most primal of primal roars. Like a mama lion to the hyena getting too close to a newborn cub. If there were a Ghostbusters 3, the plot would be based off Latta’s scream. I’m pretty sure Katy Perry’s Roar was about this. The photo by Dave Reginek is epic; I can’t help but laugh.

Take a look at the sequence of photos. Stunning.


Photo credit: Carlos Osorio


Photo credit: Carlos Osorio


Photo credit: Carlos Osorio


Photo credit: Dave Reginek


Reginek’s photo edited by the Caps Instagram


Photo credit: Rick Osentoski


Photo credit: Dave Reginek


Photo credit: Rick Osentoski

I may be going back to the well too soon after the Angry John post a few weeks ago — but I think you guys could have some fun with Screaming Latta.

Here are the png’s. Do your thing.



Upload your photoshopped jpegs in the comments below. Up-vote your favorites. Down-vote Peter’s. Get crazy; get weird, but please note: moderation rules are in effect. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks to Margaret whose photoshop last night inspired me to do this post. Capitals Hill has their own thread going on too.

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  • TySpooner

    Latta really likes Space Mountain

  • seandlax9

    I’m not a photoshopper, but that’s begging to be photoshopped into the scene where the twins fall through the ceiling and kill of the russians while hanging upside down.

  • Guest

    What should have happened during the Holtby/Emery goalie fight

  • RedskinsBreakdown

    King Kong no like Latta

  • Stephen Chastain

    Can we find a way to get Bryzgalov in there?

  • Margaret McGuire

    haha I don’t care I’m posting this again even though I posted it in another thread

  • wodzo


  • Capitals Hill

    Today at practice he’s still insanely excited

  • BAM

  • Marky Narc


  • Jared

    Come on down!

  • YES

  • Evgeni James Goldlust

    Nutcracker tryouts

  • Alex

    I really really really hope Michael Latta sees this and has a laugh or two

  • the upside down one

  • Evgeni James Goldlust

    And now we dance

  • Graham Dumas

    Being Michael Latta

  • Graham Dumas


  • Connor Guercio

    The gang’s all here

  • Evgeni James Goldlust


  • Evgeni James Goldlust

    Hold me Patrick Swayze!

  • new fave, removing my upvotes from all other pics

  • Matthew Burdash

    I really like the subtle Carlson in this one

  • JP

    My first time using photoshop….

  • Matt C


  • [applauds]

  • Connor, you forgot to upload your img. Here you go!

  • Carson

    Nearrrrrr Farrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Stephen Hudson

    The Wings have been kicking other peoples asses for so long, I figured it’s time they got theirs kicked.

  • Graham Dumas

    Shouldn’t this include an Oleksy-without-skateblade, to sort of complete the theme?

  • JakeCameraAction

    New Latta at the zoo.

  • Latta loves the ball pit!

  • liquid8d

    I love Photoshops! Good job everyone 🙂

  • Fedor

    Latta is a crazy accordionist! Yes, I’m aware that it’s lame.

  • Kaitlyn Burnett

    Home Alone with Latta

  • Patrick Black

    How about a little 300?

  • Kaitlyn Burnett

    Home Alone with Latta!

  • Kaitlyn Burnett


  • I love how even the card Latta is holding is photoshopped in. Great job, liquid8d!

  • J-in-PA

    Latta gets a birthday pony!

  • Stephanie M. Daly

    what does latta say?