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Don’t look now, but Washington Capitals defenseman/dudebro John Carlson has five goals — all in the last eight games. He’s on fire right now right now. If he keeps this pace up, he’ll score 20 goals this season.

So that’s probably why Carly let out a roar after that power play goal during the second period of the St. Louis Blues game. Look at Carly infinitely punch!


GIF by welshhockeyfan

In four seasons, the 23-year-old has never reached double-digits in goals, so Carlson might be working on a career year in his fifth. That’s exactly what you want to see after he signed a six-year, $24-million deal last season. I’d infinitely punch too.

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  • Alfie Alexander

    I think the guy who created the Vine meant to say Shoryuken….but I prefer TIGER UPPERCUT.

    *tightens NES Power Glove*

  • Graham Dumas

    That guy was just never the same after Full House.

  • sheena dunn

    “I would have fell if I did that in skates” was the first thing that game to mind after that goal.