Siri Knows What’s Up


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  • Lulu B

    The best is when you ask Siri who his/her favorite team is. They always root for the underdogs.

  • Capsfan84

    Or the Metro must be god awful

  • Abhi

    I tried to replicate this and all I got was the Mets roster.

  • NO! Get that negative ish outta here. The sun is metaphorically allowed to shine today in Caps land.

  • Since I have a flip phone like Jay Beagle, can you give me an example?

  • I reproduced it before we posted.


  • eibborssorg

    For weeks if you asked who are you rooting for this week in football it said the Skins cause she likes an underdog.

  • I wouldn’t worry about it. This early in the season, the standings correlate more closely with luck than with driving play. The Metro might not be so bad in the end.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    If Peter programmed Siri.

  • “The Capitals are in first place in the metropolitan! They must have an unsustainable PDO and [something about shooting percentages]! In closing, bulldogs rule!”

  • The Capitals PDO is under 101. They’re winning cause of special teams, not 5v5 shooting percentage.

  • Derek Eklund


  • Fedor

    Their PDO in games beginning with Philly blowout is like 106.

  • Lulu B

    Like so.

  • Barry

    I know it’s not the Southeast, but it suuuuure does feel like it

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Now not even Siri feels bad for the Skins. Just embarassed.

  • MuzzMuzzington


    Brucie “Sauceface” Boudreau is going to smell ice cream tonight go straight for the jugular of the Penguins!

  • MuzzMuzzington

    The entire East is bad if we look at records. For as wishy-washy the Caps have been, we are in second place behind the Lightning. Who saw the Lightning doing anything?

    I fully expect things to “normalize” with Tampa falling down, Bruins climbing, and the Caps finishing around 5th in the East.

  • Scott Mallon

    we better start racking up some ROW’s because i feel like we’re gonna get shafted and lose a good playoff seed (fingers crossed we make playoffs) with an ROW tie-breaker.