During the first intermission, former NHL great Jeremy Roenick was asked what he thought of Braden Holtby‘s effort on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ two first period goals. Instead of using words, Roenick decided to go the caveman route, making a series of grunts and hand signals.

Make sure to turn the sound on.

Funny, this is the same response I have when people ask me what I think of Jeremy Roenick as a hockey analyst.


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  • Lindsey

    This is how adults do adult things.

  • Freedoooom

    I don’t get why any Capitals fans would hate Roenick. Other analyst were saying there was debate between Crosby and Ovechkin in 09-10, Roenick laughed in their faces and called them idiots because it was obvious Ovechkin was the best.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Roenick Machine Ever Break.. any thoughtful or interesting journalistic stories?
    No, no it doesn’t.

  • Jae

    i love roenick, i dont really have an opinion on him as an analyst, but hes my good friend’s dad, and hes pretty cool as a person.. this was funny thoughhh XD

  • Bloenick

    Yes they were “soft” goals but he has been under siege all night, to me this is more of the same from the caps, sloppy breakouts, no sustained offensive zone time and no Eric fehr.

  • Jonathan Kenny

    I have nothing against it because the analysis answers the question very succinctly. Holtby simply has to be better than he was on those two goals, especially the 2nd.

  • Dave

    Not fair. Roenick isn’t a native English speaker.

    What’s that? He is? Never mind then.

  • Jonathan Kenny

    Right now Roenicks comment could apply to the entire Caps team that is being outshot 2-1. I am not a happy Caps fan at this moment.

  • Ash

    Try again in English, bro.

  • Shawn Murphy

    what part of it is confusing to you?

  • Joe

    Roenick is a jackass. However, those first two goals were pretty awful. Is it me or does Braden seem to struggle against the Pens?

    Nope, that’s not just me: .859 SV%, 15 GA in 4 games – all losses. Small sample size but…yuck.

  • Todd N

    all the goals were soft except for the PPG. Holt was not sharp last night, after the second goal i thought Oates was going to pull him. I don’t take too much into this lost, we got outplayed by a better team. Holtby will be back starting on Friday and dare i say my Green? Maybe Fehr in? and Voltron sit??

  • Fedor
  • Brackaphobia

    Braden I think is 0-4 vs. Pitt now? Maybe try Neuvy next time?

    Despite this I must maintain that I, on any given day, would happily choose JR over Milbury without even thinking about it.

  • I’d have started Neuvy too, but I really don’t think Holtby was in the top-5 reasons the Caps lost last night.

  • Lance Perrier

    If they lost 4-3 you could blame goaltending. That said, I think the goaltending is mediocre overall anyway.

  • Rhino40

    Don’t know why Ferh was not used last night…IIRC, Fehrsie is Fleury kryptonite

  • Rhino40

    D’OH! “Fehr”…stoopid fingers.

  • Andrew

    Funny, the Pens fans behind me at the game seemed to be awfully fond of making noises like that… thought to be honest, everything that came out of their mouths vaguely reminded me of bowel movements.

    (For the record most of the other Pens fans I encountered were perfectly nice)