Evgeny Kuznetsov’s Salary is in the KHL’s Top Ten

Evgeny Kuznetsov and Jan Bulis are two of the Traktor’s highest-paid players (Photo credit: Vitaly Gubin/HC Traktor)

Sports.ru has revealed the list of the 90 highest-paid KHL players. Unsurprisingly, Ilya Kovalchuk, who retired from the NHL to sign with SKA St. Petersburg, tops the list at $10.3 million per year (in US dollars). Alexander Radulov, who signed with CSKA Moscow a year ago, holds second place with $7.5 million per season. Sergei Zinovyev is inarguably the worst contract in the KHL. He’s a center in the last season of a five-year deal with Salavat Yulaev whose production has fallen dramatically during that contract, but he still makes $4.7 million per year, third highest in the league.

The list also features a few names that should be familiar to Washington Capitals fans.

Caps’ 2010 first-round pick Evgeny Kuznetsov holds ninth place with an annual salary of $3.8 million. He’s the highest-paid player on his team, Traktor Chelyabinsk, and overall among players 26 or younger.

Ex-Caps prospect Staffan Kronwall is tied for 69th with $1.5 million. A veteran of 181 games with the Capitals, Kuznetsov’s linemate Jan Bulis is tied for 73rd with $1.4 million.

All numbers are unofficial.

  • Mcpheebuilt

    Never gonna leave Russia

  • yv

    Considering tax rates, this means that Kuzya getting equivalent of 6.5-7M USD. One just can hope that he wants to play for Caps and in NHL so much, that will agree to play for 900K$ base salary plus ~3M$ of mostly unattainable bonuses.

  • Thundabolt

    The article is posted in USD

  • yv

    In Russia it is a flat tax rate of 13%, that’s why I mentioned ‘equivalent’ of what will left in hand, when you pay all your US tax obligations and payments w/o tricks.

  • Drew C.

    If you think Kuznetsov was ever going to come over to the US, this should cement it as a big no. Enjoy your second tier hockey.

  • Fedor

    Don’t see the casation here. Kuznetsov talked about coming over after he got that two-year deal.

  • Andy Wallace

    Long term deals in the KHL are like a death wish. Even high caliber players like Kuzy rarely get them