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Capitals defender and everyone’s imaginary best friend forever Karl Alzner appeared on the Marek vs Wyshysnki podcast on Thursday to talk about all sorts of inane and fun things. He was his typical charming self and RMNB got name-dropped, so obviously we’re all over this.


The interview begins at the 20-minute mark.

On playing the Penguins on Wednesday night:

“It was like you’re playing keepaway with your older brother.”

On the Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry:

“It’s not the Ovi-Crosby factor that I’m thinking about. It’s more my own personal Alzner-Crosby rivalry. I’m going into every game thinking, ‘I’m going to stop him, I need to shut him down. It’s me versus him.'”

On the less-awesome-than-expected Metropolitan Division:

“I think some of the teams are starting to pick it up now. By the end of the year they’ll have pretty respectable records. We weren’t ready for that [underperformance], but it’s good for us. We’re happy that we’re in the hunt with the way we’ve been playing.”

On hybrid icing:

“I didn’t vote in favor of it, and I’m still not 100% in favor of it.  [. . . ]  Especially the teams that have those guys that are really quick. For us, Jason Chimera. It’s nice to have him be able to beat a guy right at the last second instead of having it whistled down early.”

On coming up with the #AlzyCelly:

“If we’re in overtime and there’s a chance for a shootout, I start thinking a little bit about what could be the next one. And we’ve got a pretty good shootout team, so the chances are pretty decent that we’ll have a chance to win that.”

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On further celebrations, specifically the “hot stick” celebration:

[Deadpan, I think] “It went over pretty good in our league when Ovi did it.”

On which Capitals players are worst at the dog calendar photoshoot:

“Probably Nick Backstrom. He doesn’t really like dogs at all, so we always try to give him a puppy so it’s a little easier to handle. John Erskine has a dog too. He has a little pomeranian. I don’t think he has an issue with dogs, but it’s pretty funny to watch him carry it. You can tell he clearly enjoys bigger dogs more. He kinda just grabs the thing like it’s a little purse and just walks around with it.”

Alzner also thinks Holtby has a good chance at making the Canadian Olympic team (me too) and muses on keeping in touch with his old buddies from juniors. It’s a terrific interview, so please do check out the whole thing.

And stick around after Alzner is done, as Greg Wyshynski shares a rumor that the 2015 Winter Classic may be held at M&T Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. For obvious reasons, I am very much okay with this. Party at Pickles beforehand. You’re buying the first round of Natty Boh.

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  • Owen Johnson

    Gooooooo Baltimore Capitals!

  • Matt


  • The only way baltimore should host the classic is if it’s in Camden Yards, nuts to M&T stadium. Whenever the significant other and I go into bawlmur we like to joke about its existence, with the punch line being that of calling it a lacrosse stadium and not acknowledging the alleged football team that plays there.

    Why the hell is there a statue of Johnny U? He was a damn Colt. Pisses me off every time.

  • Matt

    Did Alzner intentionally come on after the most embarrassing game of the year? That’s classy, I guess.

  • TDB

    How stupid are you? Johnny U played in Baltimore… Assuming you’re a Skins fan, if the Skins moved tomorrow and get a team back do you no longer take into consideration the Green’s, Thiesmann’s, Jurgenson’s, Monk’s of Washington football history?

    You can not acknowledge it all you want but I think we have close to as many super bowls as you have playoff appearances in the last 12 years.

  • Do yourself a favour and look into the Indianapolis Colt’s record books, Unitas’ name is all in it. He wasn’t a raven, and to associate him with your slapdash franchise is an insult to one of the greatest players ever. Secondly Towson’s football stadium is named Johnny Unitas stadium, which is also stupid.

    Go build a statue of Matt Stover or something buddy.

  • TBD

    You didn’t answer the question.. If the Redskins move to say, LA, are the all former Redskins now part of the LA franchise? Are the Super Bowls gone too?

    Slapdash franchise that has been one of the most successful in the NFL since its existence. So whatever you want to call it.

    Johnny U had nothing to do with the Colts organization and was at Ravens games weekly prior to his death, maybe you should do your own research before making such ridiculous comments.

  • TBD

    “After Robert Irsay moved the Colts franchise to Indianapolis in 1984, a move reviled to this day in Baltimore as “Bob Irsay’s Midnight Ride,” Unitas was so outraged that he cut all ties to the relocated team (though his #19 jersey is still retired by the Colts). Other prominent old-time Colts followed his lead. He asked the Pro Football Hall of Fame on numerous occasions (including on Roy Firestone’s Up Close) to remove his display unless it was listed as belonging to the Baltimore Colts. The Hall of Fame has never complied with the request. Unitas donated his Colts memorabilia to the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore; they are now on display in the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards.

    Johnny Unitas was inducted into the American Football Association’s Semi Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987.

    Unitas actively lobbied for another NFL team to come to Baltimore. After the NFL returned to Baltimore in 1996 as the Ravens Unitas and most of the other old-time Colts regarded the Ravens as the true successors to the Baltimore Colts. Unitas was frequently seen on the Ravens’ sidelines at home games (most prominently in 1998 when the now-Indianapolis Colts played the Ravens) and received a thunderous ovation every time he was pictured on each of the huge widescreens at M&T Bank Stadium. He was often seen on the 30-yard line on the Ravens side.”

    Good call though…

  • Your question is flawed to begin with because of several reasons.

    1). The redskins would never move, they are washington, they are maryland and they are Virginia. Perhaps they appease the bleeding heart liberals and change their name, maybe they don’t.

    2). The owner of the Redskins cares about this area, it’s his home and it’s his team. Also it’s outrageously profitable, and to move to an area where two teams (by my count) have failed is asinine.

    3). If they should move it’s only going to out of this godforsaken state of Maryland, and leave for NoVa (I would too, if I had the choice).

    4). I doubt if the Skins moved after the season is over they

  • Matt

    The rule should be if the name moves with the team then so does the history ( like the LA dodgers) but if they change names the history stays in the city ( like the Nationals with the Senators).

  • Erroneous, erroneous on both counts.

    Who cares who he rooted for, bottom line is he never played a single down as a raven. You put his statue on 33rd st or in the inner harbour and I’m cool with that. Not outside a stadium that has nothing to do with his playing career.

  • Or like the Washington/Baltimore bullets.

    Like I said lower, if you put that same statue literally anywhere else in the city I have no issues with it.

  • A full blown 10.

    But at least it’s not full of folks running around like sky is falling after last night’s loss.

  • TBD

    Seems to be a common theme, you won’t answer the question…

  • TBD

    If they move to LA tomorrw and they are the Los Angeles Redskins, you are fine with basically all the Redskins history going with it? All prior titles, players, etc go to that city?

  • I’m going to say this one time, and one time only.

    IF my aunt had wheels, she’d be a bicycle.

  • Matt

    Part of the podcast is actually about NHL teams leaving cities, so it isn’t that off topic.

  • TBD

    Good luck bro and keep up the hate… We love the haters… Must suck to watch the Ravens succeed year after year while you struggle for mediocrity. I’d probably be bitter too.

  • Owen Johnson

    That was sarcasm.

  • brian!

    Natty Boh? If you’re drinking anything brewed in Baltimore, make it Heavy Seas.

  • Heavy Seas is great. I also like some Duclaw stuff.

    But if you’re at Camden Yards, you’re getting an ice cold Natty Boh pounder and you’re gonna like it.

  • serpent


  • CJ

    Seriously? Baltimore? That would be a travesty. Nats Park is where it needs to be.

  • bggb

    So John Erskine is Walter Sobchek? Got it.

  • Andy Wallace

    So what your telling me is it would be a stupid idea to honor Teemu Selanne outside the MTS Centre.

  • Not at all, because they’re still the Winnipeg Jets.

  • Andy Wallace

    Their technically two different franchises though

  • But they’re still the Jets.

    By your argument the Ravens should put a statue of Jim Brown, since you know the Ravens are just the Cleveland Browns.

    If irsay would’ve changed the name of the colts after moving, and the ravens were the second coming of the colts instead then the Johnny U statue is fine.

  • Q

    The M&T Bank rumor makes sense. The NHL wants to make as much money possible so it’s going to look for a venue that can hold as many people as possible. If Danny and FedEx doesn’t want to play, the next option is M&T. Sad for Washington though.