Facepalm on the background is an appropriate reaction to your team going to the penalty kill because a player’s underwear is of wrong color.

I knew something was wrong with the “Fear Of Missing Out on Hockey (#FOMOH)” commercial the first time I saw it. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. Something about two of my favorite players, Brooks Laich and Alex Ovechkin, doing some truly horrible acting in that hospital just didn’t sit well with me.

Then I put it all together. During a commercial break of that awful Caps-Pens game, I realized that Laich is a rule-breaker.

Before the beginning of the season, the NHL announced they would begin to enforce certain equipment rules. Most notable among them was the minor penalty for tucking in a jersey (ATTN: Bad Sasha). Another guideline stated that the exposed undershirt or protection around the neck area must be of the color team’s uniform.

When the announcement was made, I immediately thought of Montreal Canadien Tomas Plekanec, but it turns out he wears a blue turtleneck with the Habs logo on it, which is in compliance with the rules.

Laich’s gray undershirt in the #FOMOH commercial would’ve been a violation.

During games, however, it appears Laich follows the rules.

Photo credit: Anthony Venice/Getty Images

  • Brian Dexter Lee Jr.

    Good news: I just read this whole article. Bad news: I just read this whole article.

  • Good news: 99% of our commenters aren’t assholes. Bad news: you are the 1%.

  • Brian Dexter Lee Jr.

    Lol not nice. I’m just not big on fashion. Sorry.

  • Bucky Katt

    This explains a lot, because I just got back from the Post Office and in place of FBI’s Most Wanted posters, they had pictures of Brooks Laich with the caption “Do Not Trust This Man to Color Coordinate”.

  • All good. But like, just say that next time. 😀

  • Barry

    The day I see a penalty call on an off-coloured undershirt is the day I start watching curling (gulp).

  • JessHughes

    I love that you guys can write a story like “Execution,” this piece of ‘investigative journalism,’ and also find the best memes. RMNB rocks!

  • Jk

    It was funny until you got upset.

  • Samantha

    His jersey also doesn’t have an “A” on it in the commercial, but Ovi’s had the “C” on it.