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Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin scored again tonight. *Yawn* At this point, it’s whatevs. It’s like breathing. It happens and you don’t even notice it anymore.

But let’s not take Ovechkin’s resurgence for granted. Instead, let’s waft into our noses the aroma of slightly-charred vulcanized rubber discs sent towards the net en masse. This is historic. This is a season we may be talking about for the rest of our lives. No hyperbole.

Ovechkin’s goal came with the Caps down one goal with 4:10 left in the third. Clutch. The captain provided for his team again.

This time, Mike Green lofted the puck, flipping end-over-end, from the red line to Ovechkin as he skated over the blue line. Instead of gathering it in and trying to coordinate a play, Ovechkin just one-timed it on a bounce. It went in.


GIF by welshhockeyfan

Most players would whiff on a rolling puck like this. Others would connect but miss the net entirely. For Ovechkin, it sailed to the top-left corner almost effortlessly. No big deal.

According to our homeboy Neil Greenberg, Ovi is on a 73-goal pace. He also appears to be a shoe-in for 50 goals.

The crucial stat is Ovechkin’s shot volume. He’s averaging almost 6 a game. If he gets lucky, that’s a two-goal game– like we’ve already seen five times this season. If he shoots his career average of 12.3%, that’s 0.7 goals a game. Ovi could hit 60 goals easy.

Here’s another stunning stat from Ted Starkey.

Ovechkin is the Capitals offense, but while the Caps’ offense is a bit one-dimensional, Alex Ovechkin’s contributions are not: fourteen twelve of his twenty goals, or 60%, have come at even strength.

Ovechkin now has a three-goal cushion for the league’s scoring lead.


Remember that Ovechkin missed two games to injury, and Alex Steen‘s St. Louis Blues are two games behind in their schedule.

Based on his shot volume and career shooting percentage, Steen might hit 42 goals by season’s end. And with Steven Stamkos out for a while, that means Ovechkin could win the Rocket Richard by a 30-goal margin.

Watch it again. Really.

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  • Matt Root

    Sure, were all Ovi and Cap fans on this site.. But regardless, enjoy watching greatness, folks. This guy is incredible and the type of player who doesn’t come around often.

  • Dmitry

    Glad we finally got a brilliant coach that’s able to utilize Ovechkin to his full potential.

  • Recipie5

    Would Ovi be higher in the points race if he played with goal-scorers on the top line? Would he be lower in his goal-scoring total without Johansson? Will the Caps go far in the playoffs with Ovi scoring 1 in 4 of their goals?

  • Pat

    Just a heads up, Its actually been 12 of Ovechkins goals have come at even strength.

  • Pat

    agree with the second part

  • Brackaphobia

    The Caps will probably go nowhere in the playoffs (not that we are a shoe-in anyway) if Ovi doesn’t show up. Which –and let’s be honest here– hasn’t really happened the past two seasons.

    Nevertheless, I love the guy and have enormous respect for his abilities. And also his tweets.

  • hitt

    Oates isn’t brilliant

  • Eddie

    I love Joe B’s “OHHHHH!!” when he calls that goal. That shit caught him totally off guard.

  • Owen Johnson

    It’s more like OHHHHHH-VECHKIN RIPS IT HOME!!! Sort of a mini portmanteau.

  • Jason Gagnon

    I know it said it earlier that the Caps had 7 goals last week and Ovi had 5 of them, but think about this one. In the past 3 games, Ovi is the ONLY Caps player with a goal. Someone else needs to start putting the puck in the net.

  • Matt Root

    While I don’t miss Sasha’s hooks and trips to start the game, I sure do miss his scoring ability.