WARNING: This may be gruesome.

As the second period of the Washington Capitals/Toronto Maple Leafs game drew to a close, former Leaf Mikhail Grabovski fell to the ice and suffered a scary injury. David Clarkson‘s skate clipped Grabovski’s face. There was blood.




GIFs by welshhockeyfan

After laying on the ice for about 15 seconds, Grabovski got up, revealing a 1.5-inch cut near his right eye. He rushed to the locker room to get stitches.

Toronto fans booed. Some accused Grabovski of diving.

(Yerdon later admitted he saw it wrong.)

Grabovski got 20 stitches during the intermission. He reportedly suffered two separate cuts. Five minutes into the third period, Grabo returned to the bench and began taking shifts.

Hockey tough.


  • TowsonTrumpetGuy .

    Thank God it didn’t hit his eye…

  • CapsFan

    Those cuts looks 2 inches in total at most, being a surgeon, in this situation it would be 1 stitch per 0.25 inches.. meaning 8 stitches at max. No idea how you would fit 20 stitches in there. Regardless, thank God Grabbo is okay. Hopefully he comes out and scores 4 goals like Ovi did the last time he got stitches (against montreal).

  • Bob

    really classy fans booing the guy who almost lost an eye

  • OlietheGoalie

    In their defense, they didn’t know he was hit with a blade.

  • Here’s another gruesome screenshot from Josh Rimer

  • Bob

    i could be wrong but i think i heard him get booed again when he touched the puck on his first shift back

  • But they did sort of reflexively assume he was faking it. The shit press guys were saying was almost defamatory.

  • CapsFan

    they’re just mad that we have grabo now..

  • dan b

    The bottom of a skate really has 2 sharp blades. Perhaps he may have needed some stitches basically on top of one another. It looks pretty jagged in the picture below.

  • grabsoverhabs

    There was a mix. They didn’t show the replay at the game so nobody knew what happened even after he came back. The blood was the only clue anything happened and some people didn’t see it. He got a mix of boos and cheers all game.

  • Here’s what Grabo’s face looked like after the game via Karl.

  • Jack Conness

    I love Grabo. Give him his extension. He deserves it.