Peter Chats on Toronto Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout

Peter will be talking goalies, Grabo, and more on Toronto Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout at 6 PM tonight. Check it out and get prepared for tonight’s date with the Leafs.

(Hopefully Georgia won’t ruin it.)

  • MLHS

    Thanks for stopping by, Peter. Great chat.

  • This was a really interesting conversation. Good job, Peter.

  • Leafs fans r smrt

  • Steve

    I really liked the way Peter summed up the caps team in recent years from a blogger’s standpoint. From a hardcore fan’s perspective it is hard to express the frustration that has come with watching this team evolve in the Ovechkin era without playoff success. I can see Peter as a fan who understands the same pain that true caps fans are burdened with. I thought he did a really great job expressing the opinions and thoughts of the fanbase as a whole in this interview and really knows what he’s talking about. Great job Peter and hope to see more site recognition like this in the future!