Going into an opponent’s arena and rooting for the visiting team is a dangerous proposition. It can get you mercilessly harassed, mocked, or teased. It can get you killed.

One time, some angry Philadelphians threw a soda at my head and cursed me out. That’s what I get for wearing an Orioles jersey to Veterans Stadium. I should have known better, but I guess I wrongly assumed that a meaningless interleague game wouldn’t have fans quite so on edge.

On Saturday night, one very young, very cute Washington Capitals fan was unafraid. The wrath of cranky fans at Air Canada Centre meant nothing to him. He was brazen in his love for the Caps.

Wearing a white Caps jersey and a red beanie, the kid — no older than 10 — had his face painted with a big Caps weagle. During the shootout, he was given extended air-time by CSN just for being close to Braden Holtby. Those front row seats on the glass were worth it.


During the shootout, you could see him enthusiastically banging on the glass after a Holtby save or a Caps goal. Adorable.

This kid deserves your attention and your adulation. His fearless fandom deserves ten billion likes and shares. Let him know you think he’s cool. Just like that guy who carved an “8” into his beard, except this time it’s less hairy and more cute. But equally admirable.

Walking into enemy territory and doing your thing without a care in the world. Right on. I’m in awe.


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  • dylan wheatley

    hey thats me

  • araporrada21

    Good on you kid, one reason I like watching KHL games is for the fans, they have some great supporters who go all out sometimes it’s impressive