Report: Martin Erat Wants Out Of Washington

Photo credit: Derek Leung/Getty Images

That didn’t take long: forward Martin Erat, acquired from Nashville at the 2013 trade deadline along with Michael Latta in exchange for top Capitals prospect Filip Forsberg, now says he wants to leave Washington.

Speaking with Czech news agency and translated by our friend Lindsey Novak, Erat expresses dissatisfaction with the ice time he’s getting in Washington and seems eager to move on.

According to the article, Erat arrived in DC with enthusiasm, but after just six months his intentions have changed:

“I want to get out of here as soon as possible.”

The article says Erat does not agree with Adam Oates’ coaching philosophy, saying that Oates gives Ovechkin every opportunity while Erat has to sit in the stands:

“It bothers me, and I hope it works out. I don’t think I’ll stay here very long and hopefully I will get an opportunity with another team.”

The article states Erat would like to try his luck with a stronger team that has a shot at the Stanley Cup and that he has become disenchanted with the Caps:

“I get no time on the ice, it’s hard to prove my ability with only ten to twelve minutes of ice time. At the beginning of the season it was only about seven minutes, and then it went up, so [Oates] let me play more defense than offense”.

The article says Erat is worried his circumstance will hurt his chances of getting into the Olympics. Czech National Team coach Alois Hadamczik is quoted as saying Erat has about “an 80% chance” of an Olympic spot considering their history together. Erat brushes off concerns about the Olympics:

“It’s not that important, although I focus on it I try to play the best hockey I can and everything else will come with time.”

The article says Erat’s agent is working on getting him out of Washington. Erat on the possibility of a trade:

“Yes, we’ve talked about it. Hopefully something will happen and I’ll be out of here as soon as possible.”

Erat confirmed that he has requested a trade on Monday morning.

When Neil Greenberg defended the Forsberg-Erat trade in April, he called Erat a “a legitimate top-six forward.” While Erat’s on-ice play has backed that up, his usage by Adam Oates has not.

Martin Erat ranks 10th in ice time among Capitals forwards, making him a de facto fourth liner. In that time, Erat has tilted the ice better than the team does without him, posting the third best possession numbers among forwards on the team. But Erat has only 6 points on the season, all assists, and his ability to drive play has not resulted in goals yet.

Erat was a healthy scratch for Saturday night’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, but Adam Oates implied Erat would be back soon, telling the Washington Post, “Marty’s been fighting it a little bit, in my mind. Sometimes when you sit up top you get a fresh perspective.”

The Capitals did not run normal lines on Monday morning, so there’s no indication if Erat will be returning to active play yet.

UPDATE: Martin Erat’s agent confirmed the trade request via text message:

Translation by Lindsey Novak. Additional reporting by Peter Hassett.

  • Freedoooom

    Trade Laich. Trade Brouwer.

    Erat wants to win and play, unlike the Talking Twins.

  • Joe

    Oh boy. This is really unfortunate. It sucks to hear a player talk this way, but you can’t really blame Erat…how was he scratched the other night and Brouwer (or even Laich) wasn’t? I just hope this kind of attitude isn’t becoming pervasive in the locker room…it seems like most guys love Oates though.

  • Mackinaround

    Great, if he doesn’t want to be here get rid of him. We need another solid D-man anyways and have the depth up front to do so.

  • standarsh

    My thoughts exactly. Really sucks, but can’t blame him one bit

  • Bob

    I feel bad for Erat, the way oates and GMGM treated him was pathetic. We better get something good in return for him or GMGM needs to be fired.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Can you really blame him?
    I realize this is probly the least humorous or insightful comment Ive made here but.. the whole situation is just kind of confusing and sad


    He guaranteed a trade by publicly criticizing the great 8 — ask Jurcina how that one goes. I wish Erat all the best.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I knew I was spot on about the misuse of this guy. Terrible asset management by this front office and coaching staff. Gotta see what we can get now.

  • eibborssorg

    I say trade all 3 and take a mulligan and get some new young guys in here. They can be the new 4th line and move everyone else up a line.

  • Clifton B

    If you want more playing time, criticizing the team, the coach, and the guy leading the NHL in goals is not going to help.

  • Joe

    The bright side is, maybe we can get a defenseman for him? There needs to be another veteran presence back there. Every game I ask myself how Schmidt and Urbom are playing in the NHL

  • SupremeLeader

    100% Agree. It is not right, and it isn’t worth it if this is how we choose to use him. *draws gun, aims at foot*

  • Matt Mendelsohn

    Usually when a guy moans, I think he must be a complainer. in this case Erat is spot on. The Caps have been clueless with him and he deserves better.

  • Matt Root

    Does anyone else feel the time of not freaking out, and trusting the GM and head coach is over? I get pretty disappointed with some moves but ultimately I’m just a fan and as GMGM would say, “NOT IN THE GAME”. But this just sucks. Erat was a solid vet who played fast, gritty, but also possessed finesse. Not to mention the obvious, but Forsberg was shipped out for him. Seems evident now that the injury speculation was not the case for his lack of ice time. The culmination of moves this year just makes me feel like ole’ George has got to go. Sigh… meanwhile, the black hole still exists

  • Bob

    what defensemen are out there though?

  • SupremeLeader

    Don’t we have enough D players? Orlov deserves the same kind of chance that Beagle and Volpatti do as Fs, if not more. Certainly deserves it more than Schmidt, Wilson, Carrick, Strachan, and possibly others. Maybe since they have Fehr, and if Erat does leave, we don’t need to put more of our salary cap on strain.

  • SupremeLeader

    1000% agree. Can’t blame him, and Brouwer/Laich have been chronically underperforming, and Erat hasn’t. Totally not just.

  • standarsh

    Yep, that would be a great silver lining. Really need a top 4 D.

  • Big John

    Caps are back to having to overpay FA’s to play here, oh wait.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Doubt we get much substantial value for him at this point. His value is at it’s lowest and we really have no other option but to trade him or healthy scratch him the rest of the year and other teams now know this.

  • standarsh

    Idea for a new RMNB article?

  • SupremeLeader

    I wish there was a “Just-Kidding” trade clause, where we could just reverse the trade deal and pay the difference or something….

  • BaconSkittles

    I know we have a log-jam of “top 6” forwards and some will have trouble getting ice time, but I’m not surprised Erat feels the way he does.

    I honestly don’t think he’s been given a fair shot either. I get not wanting to break up the 3rd (2nd) line while they were clicking, but that production has started to wane and Erat finds himself the odd-man out. Meanwhile Laich and Brouwer, who continue to fumble the puck and can’t bury anything, continue to see the ice.

    Fehr finally gets some ice time, and of all the guys to sit, it’s Erat?! I love Oates as a person, and I love what he’s done with the top line, but his line-up decisions continue to baffle me.

  • SupremeLeader

    Orlov. Why is that even a question.



  • Clint Petty

    They could have easily resolve this situation by implementing the 10-84-16 second line we were all asking for.

    Laich stays at 3C. Brouwer/Fehr could switch between 2nd and 4th lines. Too late for this now though. Tis a shame.


  • Joe

    Haha I have no idea unfortunately. Maybe Erat’s top-6 status will open some ears though

  • Chris Cerullo

    If played in the right roles I still believe 21 and 20 can be affective players. We saw glimpses of it in Toronto with Brooksy and Brouwer needs to be immediately removed from a scoring role. Time will tell.

  • Bob

    What did he say about Ovi?

  • Matt Root

    I get what you’re saying Chris and I think in general you’re right about Laich and Brouwer still having effectiveness.. but I feel at their salary (isn’t there fault GMGM overpaid) and Oates “philosophy” on lines, I don’t get the feeling we will see those two at their full potential

  • Mackinaround

    But how many top 4 d-men do we have? Alzner, Carlson and Green. I believe Schmidt, Carrick, Strachan are not NHL ready/caliber and was shocked to see Orlov back in Hershey. Erat+ for a solid d-man would do wonders, especially once Erskine is back.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Problem is this team is built for the next year or two. There’s not enough time to use draft picks and reload. Anything more and they’ll miss their window with Ovi and Nicky at their peaks. Brouwer has more trade value than Laich. Moving one of those 2 makes room for Erat.

  • Mike Wise Spotter

    Who let Mike Wise on here?

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  • Mackinaround

    See my comment below. We barely have top 4 D-men, so trading a forward had to happen. Im just glad Erat made it easy to cut him.

  • Matt Root

    Green gets a lot of flack, and with his history of play and his contract he warrants it.. but it may be even more correct to say we have simply Alzner and Carlson playing like top 4 D men only. On paper we have bookoos of “potential” D men, but only 2 or arguably 3, that warrant NHL ice time

  • Chris Cerullo

    Oh I definitely agree. The OCD nature of our coach and stubbornness of our GM will sadly probably hinder any further production from definitely Brouwer and potentially Brooksy.

  • seandlax9

    The guy we traded a blue chip for wants out in less than half a season worth of games played.

    That’s ****ing infuriating. I’m not even mad at Erat, this is all on Oates and GMGM.

  • William

    How do we trade away Forsberg, and then do this to Erat. Bullshit! Bullshit!

    Only a matter of time until Orlov is on another NHL team or bolts for the KHL

  • Mackinaround

    I think whats important here is

    a) Sucks we got rid of Forsberg for him, but no point in dwelling on that. Hopefully Latta develops into a nice role player
    b) we have a plethora of forwards and a severely lacking D-corps. Perfect opportunity to trade for a solid Dman.

    c) Laich and Brouwer will be more consistent and play a better style of game than Erat over an 82 game season so please stop these talks of trading either, its ludicrous. Both are here to stay.

  • Matt Root

    With hearing Dima was recalled again today, I just wonder if we see him sooner than later head to the KHL. And if he did, I wouldn’t even blame him at this point

  • Mackinaround

    So many ups.

  • seandlax9

    We don’t have a log jam. Erat is easily the best LW we have. Laich and Brouwer ave no business being on the 2nd line at the moment.

    Hell, Laich has no business being on the team at right now. He’s been straight up awful.

  • seandlax9

    I’m gonna ask a question, and I want a serious answer.

    Did you type c) with a straight face?

  • William

    How can you? Its hard to justify having Schmidt over Orlov on the 2nd LD.

  • Clint Petty

    Agreed. Gotta focus on making the most of what we have now. Really hope they give Orlov some ice-time on this latest call-up.

    We have good talent (offensively at least) but the key is Oates finding the right line combinations and building chemistry. Having Erat around in light of his comments will not help anyone build team unity and chemistry, so he should be a healthy scratch until he’s traded. Farewell, electronic rat.

    Looks like we’re back to these lines for the foreseeable future:


  • Parrakas

    I’ve liked Erat for his work ethic and forechecking enthusiasm but then again, he seems to be way too small and/or unbalanced for the style he’s tried to play with us. It seems that every time he goes for a hit, he’s the one who ends up falling down.
    He does have some skills, but he hasn’t really produced any offensive threat in his time here in my opinion so best to cut our losses and free the cap space. Paying 4.5 for this kind of production is way too much. I do agree with everybody about Laich and Brouwer, 8.1 cap hit for a combined 12 points and -13 rating is ridiculous, they should try to get what they can for them while there’s still even a little name value left.

  • Shaggy

    Michael Nylander, Part II

  • Lack99

    Trade Green. who with me?

  • Shaun Phillips

    Problem is with his misuse this year, I’m not sure if they could get a top 4 dman for him. Might have to package him and someone else.

  • johnnymorte

    Good riddance. Blunders all around. Can we please send Brouwer, Neuvy, and GMGM along with him? That would open almost 11 mil of cap space and give me a whole new perspective on life. Haven’t seen much from this guy other than good play around the boards, although I have to question why Oates never tried to play him with Grabovski.

  • Jonathan Bloom

    The only bright spot in the whole erat-forsberg-crappy-way-we-treated-erat story is that in March, Kuznetzov will be over here. So maybe trading him now might be good. Having said that, I’m sad to see him go. He’s a great player

  • Matthew Burdash

    GMGM traded for Erat to fill the void left with Laich’s injury last year. Now that Laich’s back, Erat doesn’t have a spot. McPhee wants to make the team more “gritty”. But all he’s doing is making it larger. Size and grit aren’t the same thing. Marty is one of the grittier guys on the team. Especially on the forecheck. That’s where teams win playoff series. Look at the last 4 SCF teams. Blackhawks, Bruins, Kings, Devils. All teams that had 4 lines that could keep the puck in the offensive zone for extended periods of time. Right now only our 3rd line can do that. Maybe our new look 2nd line can too but one game against the Leafs doesn’t prove anything.

    We all see that Brouwer has been one of the weakest links offensively but unfortunately he won’t be going anywhere. He’s great on the pk and is one of the “leaders” in the locker room. A 2nd line of Erat-Grabo-Fehr could do some major damage in the O-zone but now we will never see it. Brouwer was the guy that needed to go, not Erat.

    There is so much more I could complain about but I’m too frustrated to put it into coherent sentences right now. The return on Erat is gonna be low, GM’s know Erat wants out and will force GMGM’s hand over it. It’s not a done deal yet, but as of now we delt Semyon Varlamov for Michael Latta. I think we lost that one just a bit.

    And I’ll leave you with this.

    “It’s not a rental. He’s going to be with us for a while.” – George McPhee on Martin Erat.

  • SupremeLeader

    Fair point. I dunno, it is good Orlov is called up, and IMO he proved he can easily be a top 4 D guy a couple years ago. He took consecutive pucks to the face and was furious he had to spend a few minutes in the locker room instead of out there helping the team. He’s homegrown and has great potential, but he can’t fulfill his role until we let him play. I think if Erat gets traded, we should unload unnecessary extras like Erskine – no offense to him, but he isn’t and hasn’t been playing as well as even the rookies we have on the ice. But the rookies definitely are not NHL ready, but the good thing about Orlov and Strachan is that they are not really true rookies and could play well. Same thing with Oleksy. Erskine is a bit of an immobile liability, and if they got rid of Ersk and Erat for a 2nd line winger, I wouldn’t lose much sleep.

  • Graham Dumas

    Wrong Mike! Sounds more like a Millbury move to me.

  • SupremeLeader

    Laich has not been who he used to be, and he would be appealing to another team. Brouwer just needs consistent time with someone who can help either set him up for shots or hold the puck and then put it on net while Brouwer gets garbage goals. Laich cannot hold a puck very well, and the 2nd line just looks like it goes out there to mostly chase pucks around. Erat has been hustling like crazy, and if you have him making smart passes, Fehr driving the play and keeping the puck along the boards, eventually Brouwer can be better at even strength.
    Good thing Laich is on 3rd… but get real – scratching Erat is absurd and should never happen under any circumstances besides sparing his health.

  • Daniel Walker

    Look at the bright side…..At least Wayne Gretzky is going to be our new GM 🙂

  • Pat

    Kuznetsov *might* be over here

  • Lawrence

    Hard to blame him honestly. Seems eerily similar to how Grabo’s time in Toronto ended. Unfortunately for us it’s a lot worse than what happened to Grabo, as we traded a pretty big asset for Erat. Usually you don’t get much in a trade for a player that is asking to be traded. Shame really, sighhhhh if only it was Laich or Brouwer that had been scratched last game.

  • Bob

    if we dont resign Grabo after this season, my hate for GMGM will be at an all time high

  • MP

    I don’t blame him. He should be on the top line instead of MJ90. He hasn’t been getting the ice time he deserves. Erat wouldn’t have been my choice for the healthy scratch Saturday…

    What a waste of talent.

  • Pat

    While I agree that he should have been scratched, Erat had his shot on the first line and didn’t do anything with the opportunity.

  • GoCaps

    You know, I really tried to convince myself that “K, this is a trade that will show it’s brightside next season.” Fuck that. The blackwhole demolished Erat.

    I like the way he plays. Very fast and usually makes good decisions with the puck. It’s a shame he never got his game going. Of course the ice time is one of the reasons and the propably the biggest. The 4th line thing was also very… confusing.

    His are very harsh though. 0+6 through 23 freakin’ games and only seventeen(17) shots on goal. So yeah, not exactly the kind of top-6 material we were hoping for.

    I guess we get a stinkin-random-who give’s a shit draft pick and a slow, hasbeen d-guy.


  • donatelife

    he does know we have translators???……

  • Mackinaround

    Ya ur right, I’d rather have an undersized possession player on my second/third lines than bigger, grittier, better defensive fwd’s. Yes, Laich and Brouwer should not be playing together, and that is on Oates. Maybe that would have led to Erat being happier, but the fact of the matter is Laich and Brouwer are part of the core that will provide better long term value than Erat. (who you can’t exactly say has been consistent as a Cap)

  • Measured how? In goals? If so, you’re using the same reasoning Oates did to put him on the 4th line.

  • Jack Conness

    Pathetic. GMGM and Oates take all the blame on this one. Erat SHOULD be playing and the Caps totally f’ed the whole situation. What a joke!

  • Shaun Phillips

    I really don’t blame GMGM that much for this. It was a decent trade getting a legit top 6 possession forward and a prospect for a prospect. This one is on Oates for totally bungling the lines and destroying the chance to have one of the best 1/2 punches in hockey.

  • Ternesti

    Michael Del Zotto, but I think Caps would have to trade another prospect/draft pick to get him because of Erat’s low trade value atm.

  • Matt Root

    I jumble GMGM in the mix for blame not so much for the current Erat fiasco, but the overall handling on personnel. Namely, Orlov. Plus, the whole “win-now” mentality that has led to FA signings, trades, etc makes no sense to me when 2/3 of the D has yet to play a full season. Shame to see the prime of Nicky and Ovi having even more obstacles to face.

  • seandlax9

    Erat is a proven career top 6 forward, drives possession, and is a solid two way player.

    Brouwer is a bubble top 6 winger at best, who has been woefully underachieving this year.

    Laich is a grossly overpaid 3rd liner, has easily been the WORST player on this team this year.

    Laich and Brouwer have had 3 different centers this season. I’ll say that again for effect, THREE different centers and have not only produced not only nearly nothing, but have also been outperformed by every other line on the team. They’re the black hole for a reason.

    So you go ahead and keep your “core” players and believe that they will somehow create “long term value”.

    The rest of us will continue to point out how awful they have been, and how they have no business on this team.

  • brendan

    This is the first time ive commented but ive been a long time reader of this blog. I agree mcphee messed up and I hated the trade from the start. Erat was misused but I cant believe how much sympathy hes getting. This is the same complainer who requested a trade from nashville and less than a year later hes requesting another trade, I think he needs to get over himself, hes a fine player but I hate his attitude

  • Alex

    His attitude is one of the reasons he’s gone. He didn’t want to play his part on a team. He wants to be the star. Sorry pal, but TEAMS win championships, not STARS.

  • Jack Conness

    Another sad and disappointing day for Caps fans. We are all too use to this.

  • terry

    how we keep losing all these good players and how they are misused is unbelievable. GMGM needs to step his game up or step down from his position because he hasn’t donemuch for me as our GM

  • Matt Root

    I don’t see the ego in this at all. Maybe I’m blinded by GMGM and Oates frustration, but I see Erat as a player who has a career to validate his top 6 positioning. He’s working hard on the ice with the time he’s given and I’m sure he’s absolutely furious that despite his contributions, he’s the one getting scratched or demoted while others who have under performed from the start of the season continue to get a sweater and line 2 time.

  • terry

    well said!! maybe not laich but def get brower the HELL OUT

  • Steve

    I think this confirms that the Forsberg-Erat deal was GMGM’s worst move ever. Doesnt matter how good Erat might be as a player now. He no longer gives 2 shits about helping the team succeed.

  • terry

    agreed urbom is just awful his play offends me

  • brendan

    I can think of a dozen players have been incredibly patient with the fact that there is what oates calls “a log jam” at certain positions but I dont hear beagle fehr orlov or even grabovski (earlier in the season) crying to the media like erat. The only positive way to deal with this IMO is to trade erat for draft picks and use his salary to extend grabbos contract.

  • seandlax9

    log jam?

    Erat is the best LW on the team. Easily.

  • terry

    and MJ90 hasnt done much of shit but assist which erat has been doing as well so in that case lets sit MJ too

  • terry

    yea our gm is a piece

  • brendan

    I never said log jam I was quoting oates. My argument is not against erat’s talent just his character.

  • Matt Root

    Here is where Erat differs from those you mentioned. Fehr, Beagle, and Orlov are players I absolutely want in a Caps sweater. However, they do not have the foundation or body of work to justify their placement, especially in the top 6. Look at Erats career, hes been a consistent 40-50 point player and numerous times on the fringe of hitting 60 points. How can you compare Beagle, Fehr, and Orlov to this guy?

    As for Grabo, well his ice time isn’t suffering despite being on the labeled “3rd line”. Grabo is getting 15:41 ATOI a night, and has been utilized to play his game. “Third line” minutes for Erat would be a promotion for Marty.

    Now, you’re last part is where I generally agree. The damage has been done, it is too late to remedy this situation. It is at a point he HAS to be traded, not if. While I would attempt to trade for an established D man (wouldn’t we all) who knows what will be available. And I’m totally for extending Grabo’s contract by the way.

  • farts

    Too late to get value for him :/

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    “Martin Erat actually asked the Caps for a trade one week into the season and then once again last weekend. Caps will try to move him.” Pierre LeBrun (@Real_ESPNLeBrun)

  • brendan

    Again I was not comparing talent because your right, erat is an amamazing player and I think I said I felt he was misused all I was getting at is there is a right and a wrong way to approach the media and this is the wrong way

  • Jack Conness

    I’ve been reading comments on Twitter and other online sources about a possible trade for David Booth? For Erat straight up? I don’t know too much about his issues in Vancouver but I heard they are fed up with him and need to get rid of him. He has a $4.2 mil cap hit so he and Erat match up perfectly.

    Any traction on this? Or just rumor?

  • Matt Root

    Fair enough

  • Matt Root

    Seems likely this explains is low playing time

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Good for him. He’s too old to be taking this kinda malarkey.

  • brendan

    Btw I get the total hypocrisy of slamming erat for comments concerning oates and in the same breath clamoring for a grabbo contract extension…just thought that should be said

  • Chelsea Winot

    Why did this team totally shoot themselves in the foot with him? He could easily be a star in DC along with the other big name guys, and now we’re losing more talent.

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    “another prospect/draft pick”

    So long, Kuzya….

  • CapsCast

    I really liked the Erat/Latta vs. Forsberg trade when it went down. I think Erat could have worked out well for the Caps. For whatever reason, Oates didn’t like him and didn’t utilize him well. Now it’s turned into a total debacle. What would you imagine the Caps could get for Erat at this point? A journeyman D or a couple of picks?

  • A_Shoe

    I hope he’s a better GM than he is a coach…

  • Art Vandelay

    Get rid of him and brower in one deal

  • Ternesti

    Also Nikita Nikitin, Luke Schenn and Dmitry Kulikov could be up for grabs.

  • A_Shoe


  • dylan wheatley

    God damnit.

  • Robbie Hartnett

    Let’s get a defensemen out of him. A top 4 lefty that can play with either Green or Carlson. We have 400 3rd line defenders in the organization. We obviously can’t get the greatest defensemen of all time out of an Erat trade, but an old school, stay-home guy is what we need with Green. We could also ship one of those 400 third line d-men with Erat, since 399 is usually enough.

  • JH

    I highly recommend those interested in this to look up the McPhee presser today:
    It’s easy to bash this trade now. Yeah, it didn’t work out. But it had a reasonable chance of success, and at the time we were pretty desperate for some help on the LW. I don’t see Forsberg doing much better in Nashville than Latta is here.
    Anyway, bygones – hopefully we can pick up a D that can help the team.

  • JH

    Booth sounds like a flake. I’d worry about a trade like that.

  • Steve

    Yes – he should have gotten more ice time by now, but isn’t this his
    second incident of complaining about the team he’s with in public? (First Preds…now ??) In
    less than a year in the Caps case? Regardless of the fairness of his
    current ice time, most other GMs will be sure to not make the same
    mistake as the Caps did with a player who speaks out publicly in this fashion.

    how the Caps are playing — I think it’s early for Erat to jump ship so
    soon so publicly. IMO most teams (and coaches) won’t want to take an
    Erat risk unless they are desperate….so best of luck to Erat finding a
    team close to a Cup who is willing to give up semi-major value
    considering Erat’s track record. Don’t forget he was immediately
    injured when he came to the Caps for much of the post-season, and his
    prior history with “upper-body injuries.”

    Both sides deserve
    blame for Erat’s current situation (and of course trading away a potential top
    prospect for this….aiy.), but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
    Caps at least now have an opportunity for a good defenseman out there,
    so it may work out after all if they can find a desperate team.

  • charlie

    erat said oates gives ovechkin every opportunity while erat has to sit in the stands, or something along those lines

  • Daniel Walker

    I hope he is a better GM than he was a player.

  • JH

    I would love someone to outline who out there we could get for Erat.

  • JJ

    If he wants out so bad he shouldn’t have destroyed his trade value by talking to the media about his desire to leave/anger with the coaching staff

  • Steve

    Thanks for the link! Good presser..though GMGM does look fairly bad in his responses IMO…and he’s either visibly uncomfortable and knows it looks bad, or he just really really had to pee.

    Really devastating if no trade is done and Erat becomes the next Nylander. Hope there’s a really good Dman out there can “fit in” with the Capitals better.

  • Red

    With Erat the Caps got a new foot to stand on. And promptly shot themselves in it.

  • CapsCast

    Erat, had he been used properly, could have worked out in DC. He has had 8 seasons where he scored at least 49 points. Laich has 2 and Brouwer has 0. Just sayin.’

  • JJ

    The almost universal sympathy he is getting on here is a bit unbelievable to me. Sure the guy hasn’t been getting the minutes he wants, but I mean he has played the majority of the season on the Second, or even the First line. He has 0 goals, and 6 assists this season (3 of which came in one game, against the hapless Blue Jackets). Eric Fehr has played 8 less games, clocked the same Ice Time, and has produced the same amount of points, and I think most people would place Erat’s supposed skill level above Fehr’s. If you want to get the playing time you think you deserve, how about you do as much as you can with the Ice time you get, instead of whining about it.

  • Mike Honcho

    Agreed. I like Latta, but this trade will probably go down as a pretty shitty one. We’re literally all losers here now that erat opened his mouth. GM flailed by making the trade, AO flailed by not playing him and keeping the tfb and brooks together, we get screwed since well get nothing back for him, and erat looks like a dick for blabbing. Well played, no one.

  • Roy Schue

    Don’t see caps getting much…Erat’s value is about as low as it gets.

  • Red

    Who else spotted a sad Marty Erat behind the glass?
    Yup. That pretty much sums it up.

  • bskillet

    Truth is he really didn’t fit in with the Caps from the start. It was a stupid trade then and proves to be so now. Ok we got Latta, that turned out ok but for a 1st round pick??? time will tell about Forsberg. Problem now is we will get practically nothing for a 32 year old mediocre at best player. Oh my oh my oh my George.

  • bskillet

    1st GMGM needs fired anyway like years ago. Clearly they didn’t do any research prior to giving up Forsberg who may or may not become what’s expected. Yep they treated Martin bad but he really doesn’t fit the Caps style. Sadly we will get zilch for a 32 yr. old guy whose best days are gone.

  • bskillet

    It’s good due to now Oates has to play Eric who is better then Martin and should have been in all along.

  • Dark Stranger

    That certainly is infuriating — for multiple reasons. First, trading their 1st draft pick for a veteran, which is the type of move I’d recommend more for a serious Cup contender than for a “bubble” playoff team, And now not deploying him in a position where he can succeed. First, putting him on 4th line with the “green” kids and then on the 2nd line. I can see other problems with that line (such as two players who should not be on a line together due to non-complementary skill sets) and wonder why he’s the 1st to be kicked off.

  • OlietheGoalie

    It’s on McPhee really. I don’t know how much Oates had to play in this, especially with being the new guy in town and still trying out the new Head Coach role.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Eh. Whatever. I was angry. Then I laughed at it all.

    Such is the life of a Caps fan. I hope Forsberg never scores again.

  • BrazGoalie

    Why take Brouwer and Laich out???
    Both awesome players that play for the team.

  • Chris Cerullo

    “Doubt we get much substantial value for him at this point. His value is at it’s lowest and we really have no other option but to trade him or healthy scratch him the rest of the year and other teams now know this.” My exact quote earlier today lol.

  • kemiisto

    Green can rebound. He was our best player in the previous play-off run after rather disappointing season. I would rather trade (or buy out) Laich. He will be almost silent (in terms of the points, not interviews) in both season & play-off again.

  • kemiisto

    Nothing against Fehr. He is also (like Erat) smart hockey player. The point is that we have a lot of other candidates for trade. Laich, for example.

  • kemiisto

    Yeah, Erat does not feat Oates-Boudreau dump and chase hockey. He is to smart to play it.

    P.S. Oates is even worse then Boudreau. Bruce at least knew hot to motivate players…

  • Shaun Phillips

    The only time he got on the top 2 lines was when Ovi was out (Erat’s arguably best 2 games). Other than that, he’s been stuck on the 4th line with Wilson and Latta. Also, it takes time to develop chemistry with linemates. If you’re constantly being shuffled around, of course you’re not going to produce.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Hard to produce top 6 material when you’re getting 4th line minutes…

  • Shaun Phillips

    Booth is talented when he’s on the ice, but he’s made of glass.

  • kazoo

    Awesome? They’ve both been TERRIBLE this year.

  • kazoo

    The guy is better than Laich and Brouwer, an established forward, and Oates relegates him to the 4th line, playing with scrubs? Yea, he’s got a attitude–I would too. Laich should have been put on the 4th line to work his way back from the injury that kept him out nearly all of last year and training camp this year. That would have been the smart thing to do, IMO.

  • kazoo

    Oates screwed this up. Laich, who is past his prime, missed nearly all of last year with an injury and nearly all of training camp. Why wouldn’t Oates put him on the 3rd or 4th line to start season, ease him back, see how he performs, and put a healthy Erat on line 2? See how they perform. Instead, Oates sticks Laich back on line 2 as if he were perfectly fine and sticks Erat with the scrubs on line 4, getting 7 minutes a game. What happens: Laich has done nothing all year, and Erat gets pissed. He and Brouwer have been terrible–but Oates acts like Erat is the problem.

  • kazoo

    I meant, Laich and Brouwer have been terrible…

  • Dan K

    Sounds more like an indictment of Oates than Ovie.

  • I disagree. There’s a lot of smart GMs out there, and we’re only 6 months from a lot of hockey brains saying the Erat-Forsberg trade was one of the best moves of McPhee’s career. Goals and assists aren’t the only (or even the most important) way to evaluate players.

  • BrazGoalie

    what about last year? Were they terrible?
    Look man, people got to start looking at the overall and not just how it is.
    Example: Ovie, he sucked the past 3 years(including the beginning of last season). People were like “Trade him, he is done” Imagine if he asked to be traded cause the fans hated him, look at what we would have lost. Same thing with Laich and Brouwer.Laich in the 2011-12 season he was awesome that is how he got the extension of 6 years. Brouwer was a savior last year. if it was 82 games season he would have hit the 30-40 goals mark. Wake up man. Look at the overall before saying “Trade him”

  • Jack Conness

    Oh yeah, I am totally aware of this. I was just curious if this rumor was true.

  • Jack Conness

    I am totally with you. If the Caps could get the right deal for him (maybe a high draft pick or a DEFENSIVE defenseman), I’d be all for it.

  • BrazGoalie

    Thats everyone wants!
    if you playing a bad game. First thing that comes to most peoples minds “TRADE!”

  • Dave

    David Booth? I think Booth and Erat would both greatly benefit from changes in scenery. Erat is a perfect fit for the Canucks, Booth would fit in well with the Capitals. Approximately same cap hit too.

  • bskillet

    I agree, put Erat and Laich on the same trading block and what happens.

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson

    “Oates gives Ovechkin every opportunity while Erat has to sit ” its maybe not the best player to compare yourself to.. the guy ha 20 goals this year and is probably the best scorer the NHL has ever seen..

  • Roman Z.

    I’ve been saying just the exact same thing since the beginning of the season!!!

  • Mark

    This is a #8 issue. They allow him too much free reign and it’s hurting the team. Until he learns he is a great talent, that can be a superstar if he learns a) how to play a little better on defense, in other words two way hockey, and b) believes in a team concept, and management pushes that on him. If not, I would like to see 2-3 above average players in place of him that put team first. Boston and Chicago are perfect examples of above avg, blue collar players (and no, Kane and Toews are not superstars). I’m irritated watching this inconsistent team with stupid fans of ours putting Ovy on a pedestal. Put some of the blame on him.