Reader @Sydneyhasnever shared this list of Alex Ovechkin’s favorite things, taken from one of those magazines you get at Verizon Center. Apparently your boy Alex is a Candy Crush fan.

Let’s break it down.

Favorite movie: Gladiator



Favorite superhero: Batman


Can’t go wrong with Bats. But does he mean gun-toting, anti-corruption Batman; Batman the arch detective; Batman the dark knight; Batman the hammy TV show guy who goes “pow!”; Frank Miller’s cranky old “this is a good death” Batman; Paul Dini/Bruce Timm’s ideal Batman; Schumacher nipple-suit Batman; broken-back Azrael/Batman; “My parents are dead!” Batman; High sci-fi Batman lost in time; Christian Bale’s awful, heavy-metal-growl-voice Batman; or Batman, the father figure who was never truly alone? More investigation required.

Favorite vacation destination: Turkey


Naturally, but stuffing-in or stuffing-out? Wait, what?

Favorite food: Steak


Uhh, that completely contradicts your last answer. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, ALEX.

Favorite sport other than hockey: Soccer


Cool. Cool. But there are only 89 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes, 35 seconds until the Daytona 500.

Favorite athlete: Michael Jordan

michael b jordan

Well, okay, but he’s more of an actor really. Great on Friday Night Lights though. Cannon of an arm.

Favorite zoo animal: Monkey


How can a DC resident not say panda? We’d even take red panda.

Favorite musician: Eminem


It’s not Pauly D, so let’s call this progress.

Favorite hockey memory: World Championship


Yeah, we’re working on upgrading this one.

Favorite phone app: Candy Crush


That’s the thing we blocked on Facebook, right?

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  • JH

    I cannot believe you thumbed down Gladiator. What’s wrong with you people?

  • JH

    Oh, and for Turkey, can’t we get a pic of Ovi in gold chains with some bikini-clad chicks on a boat?


  • Denis Carmo

    Nice of you to include a gif of my countryman Cristiano Ronaldo for soccer. Well done!

  • dude what he did last weekend I still cannot believe

  • Denis Carmo

    You can imagine what we portuguese felt 🙂

  • Shawn Murphy

    Turkey- hahaha ohhh the lingering after effects of the old bachelor hedonist Sasha days.

    I bet whenever someone else brings it up Maria covers her ears and she’s like “lalalalala I cant hear you tennis tennis engagement”

  • Mostly_Mandy

    But, can you even IMAGINE Ovi with a tiny finger monkey?? PICTURE IT! So Sick)))))))))

  • Shaun Phillips

    No one ever means Schumacher nipple-suit Batman. Personally, I prefer Batman: the animated series. Had the right mix of Bruce Wayne playboy, action, and snark, (before snark was a thing).

  • I agree. And Kevin Conroy will always be *my* Batman.

  • Shaun Phillips

    And until Ledger, Hamill’s joker was the best.

  • Ben Reed

    1. Yellow Striped Green.
    2. Chocolate sprinkles striped green.
    3. Profit.

  • Red

    Don’t you touch that World Championship picture!! That pic is pure….Gold!

  • yv

    For soccer I’d put photo of Brazilian national team striker Hulk(!) trying Ovi’s Olympic uniform

  • Kate Jamison

    Perhaps I should ask him if he could help me beat level 181…UGH!

  • yv
  • Graham Dumas

    “Anatoliy-an yacht pics…” Ugh.

  • Myan

    I was half expecting his favorite film to Terrence Malik’s Tree of Life.

  • Satyricon


  • We don’t mean the pic. We mean there are better favorite memories in the future.

  • Myan

    Ovi must have LOVED it when his countryman Andrey Arshavin scored 4 goals in a game vs Liverpool. #Arsenal

  • Yo8

    Can something else really top the last moment of Sasha and Sasha bromance? Noooooooooooooooooooo! Not even the Stanley cup!

    Sasha and Sasha forever!

  • Rhino40

    “The Spice must flow!!!”
    …oops! wrong Emperor…