Oates does his best grumpy cat impression.

Wednesday night, the Washington Capitals were awful. Though they started the game well, the contest took a biblical turn for the worst as the Ottawa Senators outshot the Caps 19-3. Yeah, 19-3. Meanwhile the team also took six penalties — most of them bad — and allowed three man-advantage goals. After Saturday’s game in Toronto, Adam Oates was encouraged with his team’s performance. After tonight’s, he was livid.

“We played a solid game in Toronto,” he told reporters after the game. “We played lousy tonight. Lousy. Not good decisions. We get a lead and we still don’t do the right things.”

Oates didn’t like any aspects of the team’s performance. Though they got out to an early lead, Oates said he didn’t think his team played well at any point against the Sens. There was poor goaltending, stupid penalties, and bad passes. Nothing went right for the Caps after the first 20 minutes.

“We’re not gonna win games playing this way — we’re not,” said Oates. “We just proved it.”

Oates’s mood was not helped by a nonsensical question about puck possession towards the end. Well, at least that’s what I think it was about. He told the reporter not to try to ask that again. Oh my!

“If guys don’t know we let one get away, shame on them,” he concluded. “Shame on them. I’m gonna tell ‘em.”

Below, take a look at video of the evening tongue lashing.

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  • Yes.

  • Oates with a really interesting quote here: “Yelling is irrelevant. That’s high school to me.”

  • Andrew Walker

    I find what came just before it even more interesting. “I can just remove a guy.” Given his obviously keen awareness of the weight and message behind simply not including someone on the roster, it certainly places both the Orlov and Erat situations into slightly sharper relief. Really wished someone had put his feet to the fire about either of those. Not like he’d probably say much, but…

  • Jeremy

    Oates wasn’t saying never ask that question again, I don’t think…
    He was pointing out that it was a poorly worded question and he didn’t want to have her stumble through that quagmire of repeating herself.

  • dylan wheatley

    who asked the possession question

  • dylan wheatley

    i got that too.

  • Andrew Walker

    Either that, or she has asked this question before, which is what it sounded like to me. More of a “ugh, this again?”

  • I’m gonna go on a limb and say Stephen Whyno.

  • William

    I have to admit, listening to that question made me cringe. She must be new to covering hockey.

  • Justin Collins

    Yeah I made sure to watch this cause everyone made it sound like Oates was pissed and pulling Torts-like tude on the reporters. In reality she stumbled through a long and weird question and he said “Um, well I’m not going to have you ask it again, but” and then still asked for a little clarification on the question.

  • dylan wheatley

    if any team deserves possession questions, it’s toronto *slide whistle*

  • dylan wheatley

    nice to see oates mad, this team deserves a mad coach right now.

  • Batman

    Uhhh… poor goaltending? I thought Holts was really solid tonight. Go home Adam you’re drunk as skunk.

  • GuestZ

    Or he came crashing back to earth… cuz he sucked tonight.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I thought he was solid too. Can’t blame him for deflections, screens by his own dmen, and odd-man rushes. In the first he was the best player on the ice. If not, the Caps would’ve been down a couple goals after the first with the # and quality of chances they were giving up.

  • RESmith

    Before tonight, Oates has avoided calling players out publicly. I respect that. But, even though these guys are professionals, I think it is a necessary evil with coaching. The core of this team isn’t young anymore. It’s time they reflect that, grow up, and show the maturity and poise like the other veteran teams.

    It seems that in less than week, this team is imploding. What is it about the thanksgiving break and this team?

  • RESmith

    Unfortunately, this isn’t New York. Bloggers aside, the hockey writers in this town seem not to have the will to stomach some conflict to ask those sort of questions.

  • Tiredofit

    Solid? Seriously? You were watching a different game than the Capitals

  • Graham Dumas

    Yeah, Holtby was great in places, but he let in two goals that he really could have stopped. Particularly the GWG, but also the long slapper from the top of the left circle. Don’t remember whose that was.

  • Chip

    He had some decent saves that at least kept the game within reach, but 3/5 goals, despite poor defense (because we always have poor defense) Holtby should’ve had. If you don’t think he shit the bed on the GWG you’ve got problems, Batman.

  • SuperSlav

    so true. yelling is a cover for bad leadership by the coach trying to blame players..

  • scooleen

    They do deserve a mad coach, this is the play that put us out vs. Montreal as the #1 seed, lazy country club play (ahem…#52). Despite the skid the fact were tied for 2nd in the Metro is a gift.