We are less than a week away from that furry thing being shaved off. (Photo credit: Patrick McDermott)

In the first period, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was his normal, rambunctious self against the Ottawa Senators. Like here’s a perfect example. Six minutes into the first frame, Ovi looked to deliver the boom to defenseman Erik Karlsson in front of the Sens’ net. Every Caps fan in attendance and every Caps fan watching at home could see this massive collision developing.

Unfortunately for Ovi, Karlsson is no mere mortal. An unbelievable skater, Karlsson won the Norris trophy in 2012 as the league’s best defenseman and is very mobile on the ice.

So as Ovi comes in to knock him over and deliver another one of his highlight-reel hits, Karlsson dumps the puck to the far boards, spins, and puts his elbow right into Ovi’s midsection. Ovi: bamboozled!



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After the hit, Ovechkin grimaced on the bench in pain.


This is not good news for a couple of reasons. First, Ovechkin has carried the Capitals offense all season. And even though he didn’t miss a shift tonight, the Russian machine had an uncharacteristic three shots on goal for the rest of the game. That is kind of concerning.

What else is kind of concerning is the fact that Ovechkin missed two games earlier this season after falling on his midsection against the Canucks.

So compounding the Caps collapse tonight and their four-game losing streak: is Alex Ovechkin healthy? Please, let the answer to that question be yes.

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    Maybe he should rest for a few days… Considering the state of this team right now and what happened the last time Ovi missed a couple games (ahem Nick Backstrom) I am all for it.