Sunday Night Football play-by-play man Al Michaels will be at Verizon Center tonight for the Capitals/Canadiens game. Al said it himself in a video published by the Washington Bravehearts/Red Pandas earlier today.

You probably know Michaels from the footed ball/hand-egg, but he’s also the guy who called the Miracle On Ice way back in 1980. It was Michaels who yelled, “Do you believe in miracles?!” when the United States upset a much-better Russian team. We have a lot of young readers, so restating this feels necessary.

The Capitals have had so many random celebrities at games lately. Wayne Gretzky was in the house last week. Pat Sajak is a season-ticket holder. Elliot Segal is usually there in his cargo shorts. Now here’s Al Michaels, who professed some degree of support for the Capitals in the video. Awesome.