Photo credit: Mark Humphrey

On Saturday night, former Washington Capitals grinder Matt Hendricks finally got his first opportunity in the shootout with his new team. He did not score.

Hendy even tried his patented move, the Paralyzer. Unfortunately for him, Steve Mason read the scouting report and made an unbelievable save.

The Nashville Predators did not score in the shootout lost 3-2 to the Philadelphia Flyers thanks to a Vincent Lecavalier goal.

Nashville has still not scored in the shootout this season. They are 0 for 11.

If I were Barry Trotz, I’d still give Hendy another shot or two. As we all can remember, he has a bunch of variations on this move and Mason — while he made the save — still had to desperately kick out his leg to make the save.

Thanks to @MickeyQuinn13 for sending us the video.

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  • Josh Carey

    Looked pretty good to me. He normally roofs that though.

  • David Weichert

    He normally does it a lot closer in, too.

  • cmdonohue

    Move looked good. Mason bit for a moment. Just needed lift on the puck.

  • Cole

    Yeah, he definitely kicked the leg out a bit too soon. A few feet closer to Mason and I think that would have been your run-of-the-mill Hendy Paralyzer. Which is always awesome.

  • Owen Johnson

    Don’t think it’s so much of Hendricks being predictable. That’s just a great save.

  • I disagree. I don’t think he kicks out his leg like that if he doesn’t know it’s coming.

  • Jonathan Kenny

    Damn, I miss Hendy! if he gets the puck up it could have been a different result. Great save, though.

  • Tadd

    Just realized how much I miss Hendy, as I looked through the “scouting report” and the old clips. Matty & Matty, Hendy and Perreault. Lost some speed in our lineup there.

  • Rob Young

    How many SO attempts have they given him?

  • Steven Lemmeyer

    If the puck had lift on it, that’s a goal – predictable or not still nasty!

  • holtbysaidno

    Even with the save, the Paralyzer still put the goalie flat on the ice. Hendy’s stick moves so quickly on that move. I miss the Wagon.

  • Lawrence

    If hendy had held onto the puck a fraction of a second longer. he would’a scored right there.

  • Steve

    He had the goalie on his face after that fake shot with nothing less than a completely empty net except the leg pad. All he had to do was show a little more patience and roof it. It looked pretty paralyzing to me.

  • Matthew Kory

    Agree. Just needed to get the puck up a bit, but he had the goalie exactly where he wanted him.