Mike Green Scores First Goal of the Season on 65th Shot


“Thank you, Hockey Gods.” (Photo credit: Alex Brandon)

Through 24 games this year, Mike Green had yet to find the back of the net. Though playing on the Capitals’ high-flying power play, Greenie was in one of the longest goal scoring droughts of his career. In fact, his 62 shots on goal were the most from any player without a marker. Late in Washington’s loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, however, the former 30 goal scorer finally lit the red light.

“I wish it was on a different night, but yeah,” Green said when asked if he was relieved. “Hopefully the flood gates open up.”


GIF by Ian Oland

Green has been playing pretty good hockey, despite his lack of goal production. He has the best possession numbers of any Capitals defenseman to play a significant amount this year, and his offensive struggles seem more down to luck. Still, Green lost his spot on the first man-advantage unit to John Carlson and had made some defensive blunders at points. Perhaps, though, this gets him on the right track.

“It’s obviously good for him,” said head coach Adam Oates. “It’s something that we’ve talked about a lot. Now the zero’s gone so hopefully it leads to more.”

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  • Brackaphobia

    The dreaded MIKE GREEN….wrister. How underwhelming. But good on him for scoring. If it means that he’s more accurate maybe he should try that more often.

  • Brackaphobia

    Might I add that Green’s undershirt is gray?


  • EricJG

    > I wish it was on a different night

    Yeah, no kidding.

  • Shaun Phillips

    If it allows him to hit the net, I’m all for him using a wrister vs his slapshot that usually finds the end boards.

  • Lawrence

    Notice how open Green is, so close to the net with only 3 defenders in front of him? I wonder where the 4th penalty killer is? Hmm, maybe we should ask Alex.

  • JenniferH

    As painful as the loss was last night, I was really happy about Greenie’s goal.