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Three seconds after Rich Clune took an interference minor, Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin scored to give the Caps a 2-0 lead over the Nashville Predators. Clune then took a long skate back to his bench, probably grinding his teeth. Once Karl Alzner gave the Caps a 3-0 lead, Clune had enough.

Eleven seconds later, on the very next shift, the 5’10” Clune asked the 6’4” man-child Tom Wilson to dance. And they did. Violently.

Wilson’s long reach (I know it well) allowed a few big punches, dropping a woozy Clune to his knees.



GIFs by welshhockeyfan

I’m just going to say it: that this was a decisive win for Wilson in his sixth fight of the year.

The Predators scored three minutes after that, so obviously fighting works.

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  • dylan wheatley


  • tyler

    every time i watch that first gif i can hear it, and it’s not a pretty sound, but i keep watching it.

  • Logan

    I thought you weren’t allowed to fight with a visor

  • bskillet

    Not even close, ouch Clune must have his whole head on ice tonight but hey, he started it.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    The rule is now: You cannot take your helmet off before a fight. Otherwise its a 2 min penalty.

    Used to be: If you had a visor you had to take it off before fighting or it was a 2 minute penalty.

  • Myan

    Dicky got the crap beat out of him!!

  • Rhino40

    That rules change has Bettman spray-painted all over it (with maybe a few hints of Damian Cox, who thinks that fighting in hockey is An Outrage, A Disgrace, And The Worst Thing Ever).

    D****d-If-You-Do, D*****d-If-You-Don’t…

  • Rhino40


  • 5manfront

    Is it just me, or in the first gif does it look like immediately after the punch connects, Wilson shakes his hand in pain and says something like “ahhh, fudge that hurts”

  • Here’s another view of the fight from @luvdcaps