Washington Capitals winger Troy Brouwer has struggled this season. Maybe struggled is an understatement. He hadn’t scored a goal in 11 games, since early November, and his line has played so poorly that Peter called it the Black Hole Line.

Maybe breaking up with Brooks Laich meeting fans at Tyson’s Corner a few days ago did something to perk Brouwer up. He looked like a completely different player in the first period of tonight’s game against the Nashville Predators. He put up three shots and ended his 11-game goalless streak. After the goal he looked very, very confused.


After Eric Fehr put a shot on net, the net-crashing Brouwer powered up and somehow found the puck near the crease, managing to backhand it home. It was his 6th goal of the year.

“Our line’s been talking a lot more about just shooting the puck, not looking for that better play out there,” Brouwer told Al Koken at intermission. “We had a good cycle shift. Fehrsie just threw it to the net like we should.”

“I didn’t even know it went in,” Brouwer continued. “I was just whacking away at it. You could tell by my reaction!”

Yes, you certainly can.


As the Verizon Center spotlights found Brouwer, he looked to his right to find out who scored. It was you, silly.

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  • Ash

    The RMNB Bank is freakishly prescient.

  • Ian

    It was his second try with taking Brouwer to the bank, so not as prescient as you think

  • Ash

    Will Orlov be brought to the bank next? 🙂

  • Steve Killmon

    That would be HIS left.

  • bskillet

    Troy has always been good and plays hard he just went through a time where he wasn’t scoring goals, he’s a great asset and I’m sure a good teammate.

  • binky4norris

    Make it happen!

  • Graham Dumas

    Grabo is the president of the bank. Unlike other bank presidents, however, Grabo only makes good, solid, AAA-rated loans. FDIC insured, bitches. Collateralize!

  • Myan

    I’m sorry I’ve been talking so much shit about Troy Brouwer…it’s only because we all know that he’s a better player than he’s been showing thus far this season. Really hoping that this game gives him confidence going forward and he can start to find his form from last season.

  • GuestZ

    There are no regrets in hockey. 6 goals to his 18939052 turnovers? No. Tonight’s goal changes nothing.

  • Myan

    you’re right but I’m trying the Oates brand of “I don’t want to hurt your feelings.” In all honesty, I don’t care who scores goals for us as long as we’re scoring plenty of goals. It is nice though when a guy with low confidence gets one because it means that we have the potential for more goals in the future.

  • Mike in the Acela

    In the first gif you can see the goalie spot the puck, rotate to his right and attempt to get the paddle of his stick down. His stick, which appears to be caught up in Brouwer’s or the defender’s pads – maybe sandwiched between both – gets pulled away from his body, jerked upward and rotated 90 degrees as the skaters leave the vicinity of the crease.

    He then tries to extend his right leg but his body is being pulled to the left because he has a death grip on his stick. He cannot push to the right or fully flash the right pad.

    A well-positioned left-glove goalie makes that save every time; paddle is down, can push to the right and extend that leg because his momentum is not shifted and his glove would be nowhere near the skaters,

    This goalie should have dropped his stick when he felt the first resistance on his stick. The result would have been no momentum shift away from the puck and he would retain the ability to push and extend to the right.

    No matter, Troy put it in. We ended up winning, but that was a most unlikely goal (I bow to the Hockey Gods in appreciation.)

  • Mike in the Acela

    The more I watch the gif, the more I am convinced the knob of the goalies stick is caught up by Troy’s right leg/pants/crotch as Troy gets the shot off…who cares, still a good goal.

  • I’ll have more on Troy at noon on Sunday. He’s turning a corner. I think he’s gonna kick some ass now.

  • “Who did the thing, guys? Me??? It was me?? I DID IT. I DID THE THING!”

  • Jack Conness

    Best comment I have ever seen on RMNB. You couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Graham Dumas

    Jack, you and I are locked in a mutual-appreciation pact of some sort, it seems. Keep this up and we’ll need a charter and regular meetings! 🙂