The New York Rangers scored a garbage tip-in goal with less than two minutes to go. It ruined poor Philipp Grubauer‘s shutout bid.

Emotionally, I moved on from the disappointment as soon as Comcast SportsNet cut to the crowd at Madison Square Garden, and this man specifically.

A few things:

  • He had no idea what the score was, did he?
  • Is that red-sequined Rangers hat something a person wears deliberately, or is that the sort of thing that is done to you?
  • Obnoxiously celebrating a meaningless goal in a blowout loss is odd, but then again, so is enjoying a $9 bottle of watered-down beer.
  • Is there a more annoying goal song in the history of sports than this Rangers song? DER DER DERRRRRR. DER DER DERRRRR.
  • I spy a Matt Hendricks jersey at top right. Right on, Caps fans!

The Brouwer Rangers summed it up best:

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  • Owen Johnson

    They went NUTS after that goal. But my experience at MSG makes me say: WE ARE LOUDER (except on meaningless goals.)

  • Topher Gee

    This refueled my hatred for the ny rangers and that stupid song.

  • Steve

    That Rangers song is without question the worst stuff on Earth…well, next to muzak and Michael Bolton.

    Absolute DDDEEERRRR.

  • Mike Lunsford

    OH MY GOD, the sequin hat

  • Zank

    Saw this live and was thinking the same thing…nice hat btw

  • Hockeynightincanada

    This needs to be a gif!

  • Graham Dumas

    My experience at MSG: I’m lucky I got out of there alive. Never… again.

  • Michael Woolford

    You wearing Caps sweater?

  • VeggieTart

    My experiences at MSG: What a dump! Although when we lost in game 7 in 2012, the NYR fans we saw were pretty respectful.

  • VeggieTart

    I was thinking, dude, your team is down 4-1. Cool your jets. But maybe he’s drunk, which would explain everything.

  • Graham Dumas

    Yeah, was with a group, all decked out. It was that game back in March, I want to say, when we went up 2-0 but ended up blowing the lead and winning in the shootout. I got really excited when we scored, basically because I thought we were going to get creamed that game.

    Shouted some stuff about Lundqvist, you know how it goes. All these dudes in blue turned around, one of them told me to “remember where” I was, because it was going to be a “long game.” (B/c they don’t do that to us at Verizon ever.) Some drunk old guy with a handlebar mustache asked me why I didn’t fucking kill myself. Par for the course.

    So basically I’m really excited for when the Islanders move to Brooklyn, so that I can watch live Caps hockey without death threats. (I live in NYC.)

  • Bonnie

    Can this be made into a gif of some kind anytime something ridiculous happens?

  • capsfansteve

    The disadvantage of that for us caps fans living in the city=goodbye cheapo tickets. Brooklyn is going to be expensive…because it’ll be “ironic” to like hockey. effing hipsters.

  • Gersh21

    It’ll mainly depend on how good the Isles are. It won’t be as cheap as Nassau, but I saw plenty of discounted Nets tickets on the secondary market.

  • Gersh21

    I thought they stopped selling beer after the 2nd?

    And the worst part was they played the song twice, once after the goal and again after it was confirmed via review.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    It’s that group of Rags fans like this that give their fan-base a bad rep. But, those guys are so amazingly obnoxious that this goal song fits them perfectly.

    The amazing part is, they stop selling alcohol at the end of the 2nd intermission. How long has he been nursing that bottle of pee water?

  • TroyBrouwersMustache

    Oh cmon guys this dude is hilarious. I have no sympathy at all for the Rangers or the fans and I love the taste of their tears but this dude just watched his team get demolished while (I’m assuming) pounding beers. He stuck it out for that long and deserves the right to embrace the one moment of happiness he gets after spending money to watch his team get slaughtered.

    And besides this is a hockey game not the Purina Dog Show. Get off of your high horses and let the man drink and be passionate about the game.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    I was laughing because it was 4-1 and they were blaring that horn after the review as if it was a late GTG.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    No mercy!!! Rangers fans deserve NO HAPPINESS!

  • meetyourmako

    Have you never heard “Chelsea Dagger”?

  • Myan

    I remember my first beer.

  • Judy Neilson Gray

    Can’t hate that Michael Bolton commercial enough! And csn plays it every 10 minutes during Caps games…. UGH!

  • Jay

    I agree with BrouwersMustache.

    I have been at plenty of caps games when our shitty play has left me with no choice but to get drunk. In addition – as a fan, spoiling someones shutout is a valid reason to get pumped when your team has been dominated all game