Must Break You: Alex Ovechkin Punches Rick Nash (GIF)


Late in the second period, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin checked New York Rangers forward Rick Nash hard against the boards. Nash apparently didn’t like that too much, because as Ovechkin skated away, he hooked him in the skates.


Later that shift, as Ovechkin skated towards the Caps bench, Nash gave him another whack and a face-wash.

Ovechkin then morphed into Must Break You mode and started punching Nash in the face.

He got in a cross-check and two good punches in, both of which would have made Ivan Drago proud.




I call it: The Ovechpunch.

As the two were pulled apart by officials, Ovechkin laughed at Nash.


GIFs by welshhockeyfan

Oh man. Who doesn’t love a pair of Maurice Richard trophy winners exchanging gloved jabs?

Ovechkin and Nash would both get matching minors for roughing. While in the box, Mikhail Grabovski scored on a penalty shot.

Let’s call it a success.

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  • VirginiaPatriot

    I give you a sick punch. HA HA HA!

  • OlietheGoalie

    Ovie just looks amused by it all. There’s a reason why not a lot of people try to hit Machine – he’s a brick sh*t house.

  • I was with you on this comment all the way until sh*t.

  • Jack Conness

    I can’t stand Rick Nash.

  • JenniferH

    Ovi laughing makes me laugh. LOL!

  • OlietheGoalie

    As in built like one. Can’t take him down.

  • Robbie Hartnett

    Damn. If i wasn’t studying for finals I could have watched this live… Now I’m sad.

  • Nikki

    Can you add a video of the whole thing?

  • Wutchonamehhhhh

    I dont think Ovi even said anything to him during that whatever you wanna call it. Players say they cant even understand what he says when he does say something in a hugging match with the other team. And i’d also like to add that Rick Nash has always rubbed me the wrong way.

  • The Clone

    Ovi smash.


    Ovi is the bear that Ilya Bryzgalov fears in the forest. Never poke a Ovi.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Watch the way Nash tries to duck out of the hit. THAT’S why he’s always injured. Instead of simply standing up and absorbing the hit, he tries to duck/slither out of the way. He puts his body in a weird positon and exposes both his knees. You’re not going to dodge Ovi, just accept it.

  • Red

    This is my favorite combo from NHL’13.

    Finish him!
    body-check+stare+cross-check+high punch+high punch+laugh in face.

  • Hokahey Hockey

    Now the Rangers are calling up Asham from Hartford. It was Ovie’s smiling face that finally got them to admit, “We’re weak as hell and we can’t take it any more!”

  • Lord Derp

    Oh right! Because after a month long recovery from a concussion he should just stand there and let his brain ‘absorb the hit’, makes sense.

  • Shaun Phillips

    No, you turn your shoulder into the guy and meet him with a check of your own. Nash is a big boy, he can hit back too. Absorbing a hit doesn’t mean you’re passive in it.