In our first segment on CRL– let’s not mince words– I got my butt kicked by Tom Wilson in a game of NHL14. The stakes went like this: if I lost, Willy Baby would be the face of RMNB for a week, and if I won, Wilson had to sign something for me to give to you guys.

I lost. Bad. But because Tom has a heart, he autographed an RMNB t-shirt anyway. One lucky dude who shared our segment on Facebook will get the very last RMNB portrait shirt on the face of the earth.

Problem: I didn’t know how to pick a winner impartially. Sure, I have a TI-83 and I know how to generate a random number, but I’m not Neil. I had to solve this my way.

Enter Tricky.

Ashley and I printed out a number for every entrant, 1 to 136, in a semi-circle around the tube. Before we put a treat on each number, we made our furry friend go down the tube five times. He went in a different direction every time, probably because his brain is the size of a walnut. Sorry, Tricky. Just being honest.

Watch the video to see what number he selected.

If you are the winner of the shirt, please send us a message on our Facebook fanpage (so we can confirm your identity). Also please like our fan page because why aren’t you already. You’re totally missing out.

Thanks to every one who participated!

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  • Benjamin Scarbro

    I heard Tricky put in a trade request after this.

  • You need to check your sources, mister! He is happy in the House of Oland still. As me and Ashley were reviewing the video of him picking a number, he grabbed like 10 more treats while we weren’t watching.

  • Jack Conness

    That is a pretty awesome way to do an unbiased pick.

  • Rob Rixmann

    Nice marmot.