Alex Ovechkin Scores 13th Career Hat Trick (Video)


Photo credit: Geoff Burke

Mike Green was terrible tonight, but luckily for the Washington Capitals, captain Alex Ovechkin, was not. Ovi recorded the 13th hat trick of his career to lead his team to an improbable comeback in the second period. He then added a fourth goal in third period to force overtime. Ovi, the league leader in goals, now has 26 goals on the season. He is six ahead of second-place Corey Perry and Alex Steen. He has 49 goals in his last 52 games. He is amazing.

Also, Ovi’s two power-play goals in the second stanza put him at 138 in his career, making him the Capitals franchise leader, leap-frogging one of my favorite players as a kid, Peter Bondra.

And now, why the hats flew.

Related: GIFs of Alex Ovechkin celebrating his fourth goal.

Goal #1, EVG, 14:15 of the First Period

Goal #2, PPG, 16:38 of the Second Period

Goal #3, PPG, 18:48 of the Second Period

Goal #4, EVG, 19:27 of the Third Period


Photo credit: Alex Brandon

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  • Matt


  • nostradamus

    goals are in the wrong order

  • nostradamus

    actually, it goes 1st goal-3rd goal-3rd goal

  • Ash

    O captain, my captain. Never leave us, Ovi.

  • It isn’t the wrong order, I’m using the actual game time.

    On the embeds, yes, that was wrong. Just updated second goal. had an error. Is good now!

  • Yo8

    The second goal has to be my favorite.

  • I love these photos from Geoff Burke

  • Shehryar Shaukat

    Could someone make a gif of the last 5 seconds of the goal #3 video? much appreciated, I have no idea how to make gifs

  • Dmitry

    Halfway through the season and Ovi’s still on track for 70+ goals this year. <3

  • Gersh21

    Goal #4 is one of the best Joe B calls ever.

  • Although the Bolts outplayed us, this was one of the most entertaining hockey games I’ve ever watched. Thank God for the power play and the Great 8.

  • Red

    I can’t imagine how it feels for Ovi, but for me, watching him achieve this milestone is unbelievable. My New Year’s resolution will be to go to even more games, because there’s a good chance I might not see this type of talent coupled with such charisma again in my lifetime.

  • Jack Conness

    He is so much fun to watch. I love everything about that man.

  • Sergey Popov

    I replayed it like 5 times in a row and still don’t know how the puck ended up in a net

  • Jack Conness

    We are all in the same boat here lol

  • I don’t either. It looked like it defied physics. Obviously the Hockey Gods wanted overtime and they got it.

  • christine

    What’s next an Ovechtrick??? Love me some Ovie.

  • Rhino40

    All of these goals were vintage Ovi–he is the awesomest awesome ever to awesomely awesome an awesome….with awesome awesomeness.

  • Chip

    I seriously can’t stop watching that 4th goal. I think I’ve watched the replay AT LEAST 100x today. I keep thinking I’m eventually going to get bored of it, but it still gives me chills every time.

    I’ve never been happier to lose my voice at VC than I was last night. Incredible.