With his hat-trick goal on Tuesday, Alex Ovechkin passed Peter Bondra for the Washington Capitals franchise record in power-play goals. Lest you think Bonzai would be a poor sport, the good folks at the Caps have provided video of Bondra’s congratulatory phone call to Alex after the game.

“Hey, Bonzai! What’s happening?”

We don’t know what was said on the other end of the phone, but there are some clues. It seems Bondra has talked goal-scoring with Ovechkin before, for example. “You just said I have to shoot the puck,” Ovi tells Bondra early on. Bondra said as much during the video aired after Ovi’s record-breaking goal.

Alex is one of the most prolific shooters in hockey history. His anomalous decline between 2010 and 2012 (the Ovechkin Warm Period, if you will) was signified by reduced shooting. Now, under coach Adam Oates– and with Bondra blowing up his celly– Ovechkin is shooting heavy again. He managed 6 shots on goal on Tuesday and has averaged 5.3 per game this season.

Later, Bondra seems to make mention of shooting for the cycle. Ovechkin joked back, “I didn’t play shorthanded!” Technically, that’s  not true. Ovechkin clocked two seconds on the ice while a man down on Tuesday. He failed to score, hence no phone call from Mario Lemieux.

Speaking with Mike Vogel afterward, Ovechkin really captured the bombast and hyperbole of his four-goal night, his 13th hat trick, and a massive comeback win: “It’s pretty cool.”

Pretty cool indeed.

Young Bondra

Young Peter Bondra (Courtesy: Capitals)

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  • A_Shoe

    Bonzai and Ovi: my childhood hero and my… man-childhood (?) hero. Gotta love it!

  • This is so great. I’m glad the Caps put this video up so everybody could see the call.

  • CapsFanBen

    uhh, that was lame. it’s cool that bonzai called him–if he did it on his own–but screw this jerk-off moment for the monumental sports network.

    a great tie tonight, but I cannot fully enjoy it cause now i am wondering if it is laich or green who should be bought out at the end of the year…or maybe erat

  • Psowen

    Lost in the greatness of the Snovechtrick (+1) was Ovi taking, and winning, a faceoff. That’s about as rare as an Alzner home goal.

  • jp_daddi0

    Have a snickers, bro.

  • CapsFanBen

    lolololol. you’re right, my jimmies are all rustled by greens shameful performance

  • Red

    Manhood hero! Just rolls off the tongue.

  • Rhino40

    NES Ovechkin Stick Of Fire I Scoar Goal™

  • Rhino40

    Ovi is the corrolary to the axiom “If you do not shot you cannot scoar”…