Love ugly Christmas sweaters and cheesy music videos? This video will make you happy. The Washington Capitals have recorded a music video for Jingle Bells to wish you guys happy holidays. It features Caps captain Alex Ovechkin on the bells, Brooks Laich on the drums, Joel Ward on an inflatable pink saxophone, Troy Brouwer on bass, Aaron Volpatti on the guitar, Nicklas Backstrom on the tambourine, John Erskine on a pre-k piano, Tom Wilson on the ukulele, and– of course– Mike Green rocking the cowbell.

You have to see this.

The ending without the soundtrack is great, but obviously the best part is Ovechkin accidentally breaks his instrument for shaking it too hard. Of course he does.





Backstrom’s so into it.


Wardo rocking the sax.


The band


Ovechkin has no idea how to sing Jingle Bells.

  • Bob

    This is one of the greatest things i have ever watched

  • Tate Safford

    “Little Bells I must break you”

  • Steven Thompson

    well at least green did not get a penalty, eh

  • Shawn Murphy

    Hendricks would’ve been rocking the bass like a champ, just anchoring the whole song like a trooper, but alas..
    wait why am I being such a humbug- THIS IS AWESOME

  • GoCaps

    Ovi looks like that distant uncle, who always comes around during the holidays and never forgets to ask for another beer. Uses phrases like “hey kiddo”

  • Shawn Murphy

    Jingle so sick ahahaha)))))

  • bassplayer

    Woah, forgot one. Brouwer on bass.

  • Robbie Hartnett

    I do like Brouwer’s commitment to the piece. Some of them are wearing jeans or shorts with their sweaters; Brouwer is wearing a onesie with some boots. Good for him.

  • Whoops! I added him.

  • Matt

    I have no idea what Brouwer is wearing, but it should be the Brouwer Rangers next suit.

  • RedRockingElla

    Love. This. Merry Christmas indeed!!!

  • Owen Johnson


  • For those of you who want to buy Ovi’s ugly Christmas sweater, it’s sold out online. Sigh.


    Thanks for finding it for us though, @jwetz!

  • Wardo’s pink inflatable sax has me in tears from laughing. Oh my gosh.

  • Todd N

    when was it recorded??

  • Bob

    Your job your credit.

  • Clearly in November since Ovechkin still is rocking his Movember stache.

  • yv

    Is it crazy or what?!!

  • David Armando Lopez-Mazariegos

    Outtakes video. 20 seconds in. Brouwer head bob. Can someone GIF that?

  • holtbysaidno

    NOW it is officially the holiday season!
    Except they forgot to include someone…

  • JenniferH

    Willy Baby looks adorable on his baby ukelele and Wardo on his pink saxophone and Ovi with his jingle bells and Backsi SMILING! And Brouwer in his onesie and just the whole thing is adorable!

  • Owen Johnson

    Ovi looks like he’s beatin’ dat beat up.

  • Anela

    This has made my day XD Oh man this is why I love the Caps

  • James Desautels

    with that stache and goofy getup he really does look like he was born to rock the bass in some other life. im pretty sure ive seen Flea of RHCP come on stage in a flannel onesie and a goofy stache more than a few times.

  • James Desautels

    videos only a minute long, you have no idea how many times he clipped Brouwer up high on an errant cowbell move surrounding the final cut.

  • Red

    I can only assume that “Dreidel Dreidel” is on its way with the rest of the team. Right? Right?

  • Via the Caps Instagram, here’s Ovechkin’s reaction while watching the video

  • Sierra

    Joel Ward should of been sitting on a toliet.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    This was a bright spot in my day.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    p.s. – i want ovi’s sweater. ugly xmas sweater with robots. perfect for me.

  • jennrubenstein

    it’s too early for chanukah 2014 videos.

  • Red

    Since we’re going that route, it’s also too early for Christmas’13 videos. Shalom!

  • TroyBrouwersMustache

    This is the best terrible video ever.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Goddammit I love Ovi. For every ounce of personality that other players may lack, he covers them ten-fold.

  • David Armando Lopez-Mazariegos

    I just noticed the second Brouwer. Well ok then…

  • salgotnv

    How do I get a job filming things like this? Hahah

  • Rhino40