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Between making internets and blogging the hockey blogs, I rarely get an off day. But when I do, I am the epitome of laziness: couch, TV, channel-surfing until I find something trashy.

For Dmitry Orlov, an off-day means the opposite. On Wednesday, the Washington Capitals defenseman did some more driving, but (thankfully) not up Route 15 to Hershey. Instead he went to The Gardens Ice House in Laurel to practice with the Tri-City Eagles. The Eagles’ mite squad is a co-ed youth hockey team consisting of 30 or so adorable children. The surprise visit thrilled them.

Judging from the photos and video, Orlov led some shooting drills (I feel sorry for that goalie) and talked to the kids after practice. Also, there were photo ops. Did we mention there were photo ops?


Photo credit: Tri City Eagles




Photo credit: @CapsYouthHockey


Photo credit: @avv91

Here’s some of the reaction I found on Twitter for Orlov’s surprise visit.

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  • Best rink ever.

  • Myan

    I’m hoping this was from this morning because according to Twitter, the team is in Florida now and I’m hoping Dima’s there too….

  • It was on Wednesday.

  • Myan

    oh yeah, time stamp. DUHHHH I’ll let myself out.

  • Myan, it’s okay! You still rule.

  • Adam

    He couldn’t have been any nicer. The kids were waiting for him after he took his skates off and he went back out in the hallway to hang out with them. Also doing a Q/A with 7-9 year olds was pretty impressive when English is not even close to your first language

  • That’s so awesome. Do you remember anything they asked him?

  • Adam

    Haha standard ‘how many goals have you scored’ , where are you from and it sounded like one kid asked if his nickname was ovechkin. Then he ripped a couple clappers and hung out doing drills and stuff for about 20-30

  • Jack Conness

    They better not send him down when Erskine comes back…

  • I hope he responded yes to the nickname question. Haha.

  • TT

    AVV91 is Orlov’s girlfriend.

  • binky4norris

    DIMA <3

  • remrats

    My daughter was on the ice with him and she thought it was hilarious when he was asked about the Ovechkin nickname. I will say the Pee Wees/Bantams were a little sad that he left before their practice. But I understand he can’t hang out all night. It was fun to see him.

  • James Desautels

    this reminds me of when I used to play HS hockey back in MD in the day. my school practiced at Piney Orchard, the Caps original practice rink before the days of Kettler. long story short, we used to get on the ice around 3ish and the Caps would be finishing right before we took the ice (these were the days of Bondra, Kristich, Dahlen, Oates, Olie, yes-Jagr too). anyway, they were always really cool to us, would talk to us, high five us as we passed their locker room, sometimes hand us their gear right out of their hands. you wonder if they ever knew that they routinely made a bunch of 16 year olds’ weeks by just saying “hey have a good practice boys.”

  • M Taylor

    He seems like a really good kid, super sweet from everything I have seen about him publicly. I really hope the Caps keep him for a long long time.

  • Red

    This guy. I like this guy. Also, can his nickname be O RLY?