Every Saturday night, Hockey Night In Canada’s Ron MacLean does his best to steer crazy old man Don Cherry though Coach’s Corner without incident. While MacLean doesn’t have much time to share his opinions during those segments, he had a whole bunch of time on Thursday when speaking to Rob Pizzo and Cassie Campbell on HNIC Radio.

MacLean spent most of his fourteen minutes talking about the firing of Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster, but with Alex Ovechkin‘s magical four-goal game in the recent past, MacLean had to share his feelings about the reigning MVP. Maybe you’d think with Ovechkin scoring 26 goals in 29 games, changing positions, and completely reinvigorating his game, MacLean would appreciate Ovechkin’s progress as a player.

You would be wrong.

The Ovechkin discussion starts at 12:18.

Pizzo: Four goals Tuesday night for Alex Ovechkin. He now has 26 in 29 games. I’ve said this before on the show, I don’t remember somebody being so good and having such a high, disappearing and then almost reaching those highs again. How close do you think this Alexander Ovechkin is to the other ones that won MVP?

MacLean: I don’t think he is as good. I’ll tell you what I think is a problem here. He’s minus-ten I think. He’s got nine assists. He’s not producing goals other than his own. Their team is not… they might miss the playoffs. You know, Steve Yzerman was a 60-goal guy. It was fun to watch, but it wasn’t winning hockey.

When Yzerman committed to a two-way game — like Dale Hunter tried to instill a little bit and even Boudreau — that’s when you’re a hockey team. To me, this 26 goals is a specialty act. And I hate to diminish it, it’s a hell of an act, but [he’s] not the complete hockey player you want. That’s why I’m not as excited or titillated by Ovechkin suddenly hitting the 26-goal column. I would be concerned if I were Adam Oates. It was a 6-5 game. They were lucky to win it. You gotta really watch that. Don’t just go for the goals.

Plus-minus, eh? I’m just gonna leave this right here.


I don’t know if this is the Vast Canadian Conspiracy against Ovechkin or what, but this is absurd. Ovechkin is twice the player he was during the Hunter era. He is putting more shots on net than anyone in decades (except him) and winning games single-handed. But because his blue line is young and his linemates are unlucky at 5v5, he’s a plug?

Ovi might be playing the best hockey of his career right now. Even a non-Caps fan can appreciate that. And yet, some folks would need him to score an Ovechtrick, pitch a shutout, and then cram down some Tim Hortons before they’re satisfied.

Full disclosure: I wasn’t gonna post this, but then MacLean said “titillated” and I had to. I am a child.

Thanks to @nogoodtrying138 for the audio and the heads up.

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  • Bob

    when you hear someone complain about +/-, don’t you just wanna punch them in the throat? But Ovi is like a politician, he can do great things for his community but he will never be loved by everyone. I also like when people complain about his lack of assists as if he plays with 2 guys who love to shoot

  • Chris Cerullo

    I don’t know. I kind of have to agree with him. This obviously isn’t that Ovechkin from the past. A lot of his production has been power play based, and although +- is an awful stat to judge a forward, or really any player for that matter, out of the top 20 point producers in the NHL only John Tavares (abysmal Islanders team), Ovechkin and his center Backstrom are minus players. He is rather awful in our zone and I cringe when the first line is ever hemmed in because a quality chance is likely to come from it. Don’t get me wrong the goal production is very nice and he’s doing it at an unbelievable rate but without it he’d be a liability on the ice. Just my two cents.

  • Jack Conness

    I could care less what they have to say. I just want to see Ovi win a gold and win a Stanley Cup this year and shut everyone up for good and continue being the best hockey player in the world.

  • Jayleigh

    Every person who excels at his craft while remaining true to himself will garner critics just because there are people who love to play the devil’s advocate. All those people deserve is a “pfft.. okay, dude” and a complete dismissal of their absurdity.

  • A_Shoe

    Shouldn’t MacLean go back to cramming poutine in his face and chugging maple syrup? Maybe Cherry’s crazy xenophobia washed off on him.

  • Freedoooom

    The problem with +/- is every time Ovechkin makes a smart play defensively, his team mates do something stupid and then the other team scores. It happens like clock work.


    The only part I can agree about Maclean (who I am a huge fan of) is his comment about this is not the ovechkin of old. The ovechkin of old is gone folks. Take it from the guy who has religiously follow him since he was 16 years old, watched and re-watched every one of his 428 NHL goals (playoffs included).

    The ovechkin that was around for the first 3-4 seasons was a guy who could dominate the opposition regardless of linemates, coaching style or roster makeup/team play. Every game, he would produce at least 4-6 grade A even strength scoring chances, high quality shots and bring the physicality night in night out. That was a young Ovi. From age, weight gain, opposition learning his style, suspensions, 4 different coaches, deterioration of talent on the Caps roster, media criticism… all these factors have slowed him down. Some are permanent which cannot be change.

    The problem with Ovi now is that, while he has a lost a step in his game, the team around him has gotten exponentially worse. This is where I disagree with Maclean and almost every other national media type who criticizes ovi for the caps struggles. You have to do nothing more than look at his linemates and team around him. The deterioration of the roster from the one that one the Presidents Trophy what seems like eons ago is dramatic. The only front line forwards this team now are Backstrom. On defense they don’t have anyone who would be considered a top 10 defeneman in the game and goaltending is nothing the caps can boast about. Why oates continues to play a possession killer like Majo on the same line with Ovi and Backstrom is beyond me. Ovechkin found the most success in his career when he had guys like Zubrus, Clark, Kozlov and Knuble. People who drove the net and knew how to play a tough game in the corners. That’s whats missing on the top line. On to the rest of the roster, its constructed mainly of 3rd and 4th line players. Grabovski is the only other legit top 6 forward who would retain that title on a cup contending team. Same goes with Defence.

    People can keep blaming ovi but he is furthest from the caps problems. Its the roster that has been constrtucted around him by 17 year tenured George Mcphee. Look at the rosters of the Hawks, Bruins, Pens, Kings and its very easy to see why they have won cups and the caps have not.

  • johnnymorte

    I didn’t even know this guy’s name, I just know him as Cherry’s smiling sidekick and I have been a hockey fan for over 20 years. His giant horse toothed smile creeps me out and he should be kicked in the mouth for badmouthing Stevie Y. Obviously he didn’t watch any of the games with DH because Ovi was sitting most of the time and we spent entire games in our own zone, a pattern that was unsustainable. Go stroke Cherry you old creep.

  • Scream09_HartKiller

    It’s been like that since Ovechkin came into the league. Ovechkin scores a lot of goals and is rewarded with individual awards? Well, team success is what determines the best player. Crosby’s putting up a lot of points? Okay, now individual statistics determines who the best player is. Now being the guy who assists on the goal is more impressive than being the guy who scores it? Funny how that is all of a sudden. It’s also funny that Canada has fought against the notion that Ovechkin was even close to Crosby’s class for years, insisting that Crosby’s the absolute best and nobody else is even close….and now they’re willing to accept that maybe there’s another player who’s almost as good. Who? Steven Stamkos, of course. Shocking, isn’t it? They rabidly fight off the notion that Ovechkin is any good at all and now they happily accept that a fellow Canadian is allowed to be #2.

    So hockey’s a team game? Or no? Because when the Penguins come up short in the playoffs I don’t hear a lot out of the CBC about how Crosby blew it – although I do hear a lot about how the team that beat him did something mean and unfair to throw him off his game. But when the Penguins win I sure hear about how it’s simply because Sidney Crosby’s the best in the world. They actually refer to him as “the best player in the world” as many times as they refer to him as “Sidney” or “Crosby” on CBC. Anyone ever take a peek at the Capitals roster? Where do you think that team would be without Ovechkin? I suppose they’d just put Joel Ward on the power play and let him score 26 goals because it’s so easy. Do you know how the Penguins would do without Crosby? Just fine, because he gets hurt every year and they do just fine.

    Somehow I think if it were Crosby sitting with 26 goals and Ovechkin padding his stats with assists on a high powered offense old Ron would be signing a different tune.


    The reason this is not “winning hockey” is because he
    1. Has a crappy line mate who refuses to shoot (majo) and another who appears to play extremely diminished hockey when he is on the same line as ovi. 0.0025 or w/e shooting percentage that Majo and Nicky have while playing with ovi is all that needs to be said on that topic. You can call it luck, I just call it a common trend that appeared not this year or last year but in the 2010 playoffs starting from game 5 where the caps and that top line disappeared. Marcus has had 3-4 good games this year (2 of them came while he was put into his natural position -center). He has never been a shooter and he suddenly isn’t going to revamp his game and become one. The first line is a singular ONE dimensional threat.

    2. The team around him is not as strong as people think. Its easy for the opposing team’s coach to create a game plan when the only scoring threat is one guy.

    3. Either the the defensive system Oates runs / or the roster of dman (or combo of both) makes it so the caps forwards all have to collapse in the dzone thus during transition plays, they have to start from deep within the zone. Sometimes after spending 30 seconds which requires that offensive line to change instead of trying to generate offense. Total momentum killer.

    4. Mcphee has failed. Miserably. 16 years going on 17 and he hasn’t been able to construct a roster to get this team passed the second round. Traded away prospects for what turned out to be rentals and let players walk for nothing.

    I could go on and on but the most immediate needed fix to this team is to fire Mcphee. That is all.

  • Scream09_HartKiller

    The Capitals, year in and year out are Ovechkin, Backstom, and one other decent forward – Semin, then Ribero, now Grabovski. Mike Green will be good every 2nd year, and they have 2 or 3 of the same goaltender and will go with whatever one is playing well at the time.


    When they had Fedorov, Kozlov, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin… that actually made a competitive top 6 forward group. But that that time, their weakness was on defense. There defense now has marginally improved but their offense has gotten far worse in that same period. Goaltending has always been inconsistent.

  • Pat Magee

    Goaltending hasn’t been a problem in the playoffs since Varly


    You’ve pretty much scratched the surface my friend. I’ve lived in Canada almost my entire life. The media bias and propaganda against not only russians but Europeans as a whole from Canadian’s is beyond disgusting. Its always been their, but ever since the “best player in the NHL” suddenly was no longer a canadian around 2007… there was a problem. Ovechkin being the best (which he was bar none from 07-09) made a lot of people mad in Canada.

    I don’t have much time on my hands tonight but I’ll share one story about the disgusting portrayal of europeans by the Canadian media. During the 2012 playoffs when the Devils faced off against the rangers, Marian Gaborik was have a tough series but so were the rangers including guys like Callahan, and more importantly their prized off season acquisition Brad Richards. While the guys on CBC hockey night in canada (craig simpson i believe) were commenting about the rangers, they started talking about Richards, said that he is having a tough series because he is probably injured or hurting in some places. Used every excuse in the book. Then brought up graborik. What they said about him made me feel disgusted about watching HNIC. They said that “he just a guy that looks like he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t show any effort out there (playing a video reel of some bad plays) You can’t win with these types of players”. No though about if he is injured or not. Then we find out later after the playoffs, Gaborik was playing with a broken rotatory disk around his shoulder area. When guys like Patrice Bergeron play through injuries, not only is it glorified, its used as an excuse when they struggle. For europeans, they have no excuses no matter if they are injured.

  • Roy Schue

    With out his goal production he would be a liability??? Lol duh. He is a sniper and he was signed to a ten year deal for his ability to put the puck in the net, not for his defensive abilities


    You know Crosby has 26 even strength points this year (3rd most in the league) and 10 more than ovechkin… but he is only a +3? Where are these media types about how bad crosby is on defence? Lets not even compare the pens vs caps roster. Crosby should have no excuse when he has another first ballot hall of famer coming out before or after he is done his shift.

  • liquid8d

    Not impressed by 26 in 29, interesting.. what about.. what is it – 49 in 52? Not getting assists? No @#$%, that’s Backstrom – which he is pretty $@#@%in’ good at. Ovi gets the puck and has scored 49 in the last 52 games – you really want to see him pass it around? Talk about team issues if you want – otherwise, S. T. F. U.

  • SuperSlav

    “he is not producing goals any but his own….” he is a winger – his job is produce HIS goals feeding off CENTER whose job is to set up WINGERS, you ……

  • Shaun Phillips

    Agreed. Move Mojo off that top line. Drop him back to 3C with Wardo and Chimer or 2C (and drop Grabo back to 3C where that line really clicked). Move Erat up to 1. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Nicky had one of his best stretches of the season while Ovi was out and had a playmaker (Erat) with him.

  • I like Ron and I love Don Cherry, but really who cares what they say. They’re playing to their audience, which isn’t Americans who love Ovie.

  • nogoodtrying

    The thing that really grinds my gears on this is the ever-growing evidence of blind nationalism on the part of HNiC and particularly in this instance on the part of MacLean. You expect this from Don Cherry, even though you probably shouldn’t.

    It’s unfair and unwise to place limitations on greatness, especially those that are not within a player’s control, like place of origin. Some may even call it discriminatory to do so. Anyway, it’s a fact that nationalism isn’t exclusively an American thing and that many hockey-loving Canadians strive to preserve the sport in their culture, while at the same time propping up the liberal ideals of an enlightened Euro-inspired sociopolitical culture (odd isn’t it?). It’s disturbing to say the least. This song tells the tale much better than I can, though: Particularly fond of when he refers to Don Cherry as “that sad old man beside you”. Cheers!

  • CapsCast

    You are are correct, sir. Centers and wings have different jobs. That’s why I’ve always felt comparing Ovechkin to Crosby and Malkin was a bit unfair. Ovechkin is a pure goal-scorer; that’s what he does and he’s the best in the world at doing it. Sure, he’s not going to back-check very much, but that’s his game. Centers should have more assists than wings most of the time. It’s the nature of the position. Historically, a highly skilled center seems to be a bit more valuable than a highly skilled wing, all things being equal.
    Comparing centers to wings isn’t an apples to apples discussion.

  • serpent

    Excellent observation and well stated..

  • James Desautels

    1) Don Cherry is a windbag and even Canadians have grown tired of his schtick, as the new deal with Rogers and the talk of his being let go have shown recently.
    2) Sort of out of character for Maclean to go so high and right against Ovie, typically he is the guy trying to remind Don Cherry that he is an idiot.
    3) As much as I love the Caps and want them all to perform to their best and bring a Cup to DC, I don’t really need ‘expert’ analysts and talking heads to agree with my love of the game or the team I support, and I doubt they care so much about the statements and twitter battles and Don Cherry/Mike Milbury (who sucks too) crap.
    Last week when Ovie netted 4 on a night that not a single other player even had a 3G game, you would think NHLN or NBCSN would have led with that on their nightly NHL coverage right (I don’t even turn on ESPN for highlights anymore because they will play WNBA before NHL)? WRONG. I watched highlights to several other games with far less heroics being displayed (and I am including Nicky’s 5pter, Gruby’s 32 saves in a game ‘saving’ effort, even St. Louis trying to carry his freefalling team on his tiny tiny back) before we even mentioned the Ovisplosion. AND to top it off, they didn’t even show the goals! the highlights started at the shootout with Fehr’s tally. I looked at my wife and said, “the anti-Caps bias on any hockey coverage is nuts and I wish we still had Comcast,” (we moved to Boston for a job, but don’t worry friends-I have Gamecenter).
    Soapbox moment over. Let’s go Caps tonight vs our old friend TIMMMMAAAA!

  • James Desautels

    Forgot to mention this on my rant below…
    The stance that some, NOT ALL, Canadians take about hockey and how its just not possible that anyone outside of Canada or any other nation could ever understand the game or ever be as good as Canadians are is why the rest of the world roots against them in Olympic and World competitions, and it is why after Team USA, I will be rooting for virtually every other team other than Canada to medal, and it isn’t because of the players on Team Canada, it is purely because I want to hear guys like Milbury, Cherry, Maclean, etc. actually admit on TV that Canada didn’t win the gold.

  • Myan

    Who the hell is Ron MacLean?

  • Matt

    I really hope Rogers fires all of these idiots.

  • Barry

    I’d just like to post a quick reminder to everyone that Canadian media isn’t an accurate reflection of everyone’s thoughts on the game up here. And there’s a reason why Ron MacLean is the wimpy sidekick to a washed-up television personality who was last relevant when the Hartford Whalers were a team.

  • Scream09_HartKiller

    I don’t even know where to start with this there’s so many examples.

    I remember the Gaborik thing. I also remember Ron MacLean writing an article criticizing the benching of Brad Richards in the playoffs last year, speaking as if Richards was being benched for no good reason by his loud, arrogant American coach. Now, if a European having that miserable of a performance, making that type of money, was benched, I don’t think Ron’s writing articles criticizing it.

    Speaking of “arrogant Americans”, Seth Jones last year said his American team had a good chance at winning the World Juniors. This outrages Canada because apparently every country is supposed to be in awe at Canada’s talent and call THEM the favorite to win. Only an arrogant American would make a comment like that, they said, while simultaneously calling themselves the team to beat because “it’s our game” and all that noise – but yeah, the Americans DID win the World Juniors.

    Dany Heatley’s reckless behavior got his teammate killed. Canada was fine with this because it was a mistake anyone could make. But demanding a trade out of Ottawa and turning down a trade to Edmonton? Now he’s a bad person.

    Similar to your Gaborik example, in the Stanley Cup Finals that year they did the between periods highlight package of Kovalchuk mistakes – singling him out as if he’s the only one making any mistakes at all and implying his mistakes aren’t so much mistakes but just the result of him beat weak and uninterested, selfish and greedy, you know, the usual “typical Russian” stereotype.

    Rick Nash plays on a bad team his entire career and it’s a shame his talent is wasted. Kovalchuk plays on a bad team his entire career and he’s the reason they’re bad.

    Ovechkin’s cap hit is $300,000 higher than Crosby’s and Crosby is under a contract that’ll play him over $100 million plus the millions he makes in endorsements. But to hear Canada speak you’d think Crosby is playing for free simply because he loves the game and Ovechkin’s only in it for the money.

    Ovechkin celebrating when he scores isn’t because he loves the game and loves to score, it’s because he’s selfish and is all about his own personal achievements. Crosby leaving the Detroit Red Wings standing at center ice waiting for a handshake while he mugs with the cup is just a kid making a mistake though.

    CBC talks about the 2012 Flyers/Penguins series as if the Flyers raped Crosby’s mother and made him watch and that’s why Crosby started acting like a cheap crybaby and gave an embarrassingly childish interview to the media.

    If Crosby returns from injury to score a goal it’s proof of his greatness as not even a long layoff slows him. But once he bows out in the playoffs it’s because he’s not 100% after the injury he suffered months earlier.

    Ovechkin can’t get it done in the playoffs. He has over a point per game in the playoffs. Ovechkin can’t lead the Capitals to a Stanley Cup because he’s a playoff no show like most Russians. Okay, Joe Thornton’s been choking in the playoffs for 10 years. He’s not Russian.

    Ovechkin finished the playoffs with a broken foot and went on to play for Russian in the Worlds with a broken foot. Canada felt making this information public made Ovechkin a whiner looking for an excuse. Meanwhile, Sidney Crosby’s releasing a video clip from Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals that they claim shows Chara “targeting” the injury Crosby himself said was 100% healed. Why? To excuse Crosby’s non-performance? To make the Bruins look bad because they embarrassed him?

    Here’s something ironic.

    Canadians love hockey and love their country, and they love to believe all Canadian hockey players also love their country and play simply for the love of the game. When was the last time Sidney Crosby played in the Worlds just to play hockey for his country? He’s invited and he turns it down because he’s tired, or suddenly not 100%, or whatever other bullshit reason he and most of Canada’s top stars have for not playing in a low-profile tournament. But Russians are there the day after their NHL team is eliminated from the playoffs. If Sidney Crosby did that, especially on a broken foot, he’d be a hero! Proving his love of hockey and his love of Canada all at once…but when the Russians do it, they’re just chokers who can’t get it done in the playoffs and probably put in a half-assed effort so they can be eliminated and go play in the Worlds anyway. The Worlds, of course, aren’t important anyway, unless Canada wins, and then they are.

    Then there’s “We don’t want Russians in our game! Go to the KHL you inferior people!” And then when Kovalchuk does it it’s “What? He can’t just leave! Typical selfish Russian!”

  • Scream09_HartKiller

    They’ll be playing in a different time zone on international ice in a hostile country…there’s plenty of excuses for Canada to use, and believe me, they’ll use them.

  • Lance Perrier

    Well said, this is why I cheer for Russia in the world juniors and in the olympics…I’m not a good Canadian.

  • Rhino40

    I tinnk that as a people, Canadians are some of the most decent, noblest, bravest and most compassionate folks you’re likely ever to meet. But every society has its jerks, and some of those jerks happen to have megaphones (e.g., Fox News).

    I think I know what really “grinds the gears”–not of the average Canadian, but of the Canadian Hockey Media–about Ovechkin.

    It’s is that ever since his entry into the league, Ovi plays “their” game, “their” way: skaiting, shooting, scoring and hitting, always giving as good as he gets.

    Not only that, he plays “Canadian Style” better than the vast majority of (if not all of) the active Canadian players in the NHL.

    Those grumpy old Hot Stove guys just can’t stand the heat from Ovi’s Stick Of Fire…

  • kyle boyd

    i think theres too much focus on a few things here. firstly, what most seem to be talking about is the Canadian media, most Canadians in general don’t feel this way about a lot of things. the media peddle one view, and honestly its facilitated by the fact that most of the guys you see on tsn/rds/sportsnet/CBC are hockey vets themselves. but the media does not represent the populace as a whole.

    secondly, where this line of thinking does exist, is within the cult of “old-time hockey.” its an extension of it. go to any canadian arena when the caps play (i’ve been to the ACC, bell center, scotiabank place and saddledome) and you’ll see a lot of ovechkin jerseys. to risk validating the idea that Canadians are obnoxious about our place in hockey, we are the largest source of revenue for the league, as the 5,2 billion dollar deal perfectly illustrates. ovy is one of the most popular players, and biggest individual sources of league revenue. he doesn’t get that being unpopular in Canada. the second thing you’ll notice about whose wearing those jerseys; they’re young. ovechkin is immensely popular among kids and young teens, enough so that id say despite his nationality he is more-so then Crosby. the people who hate on ovy are the same who celebrated the leafs hard hitting/scrappy style of play last season despite the fact that we know through advanced stats they played terribly. they’re the guys who look at PIMs as desirable stat. trying to reason with them, or make sense of their reasoning, is an exercise in futility. they’re a dying breed i promise you, and websites such as this one are quickly taking away their control of the media.

    lastly, on the topic of the juniors/Olympic expectations, il give you that we believe ourselves to be the favorites every year, but honestly we should be. 51.9% of NHL players suiting up this year are Canadian, as opposed to 24% Americans and 3.5% Russians. and that’s not just a bunch of Canadian goons padding the stats on third and fourth lines, in the last all-star game, 21 of 42 players selected were Canadian, as opposed to 8 Americans and 2 Russians, and last seasons all-star teams included 7 Canadians to 3 Russians, 1 american, and 1 swede…and that’s including the mistake that led ovy to being voted into both teams over Taylor hall, another Canadian. As for the younger guys, 47.4% of players drafted this year were Canadian, including 60% of first round picks. so yes, we do believe we’re the favorite every year, and honestly we’re right to think so. someday, when the sport (hopefully) grows, that wont be the case, but for now it is. we may not win every year (and in the juniors we haven’t as of late, which has been a painful, painful trend to endure) and its silly to think so especially in single elimination tournaments. but we should be the favorite.

  • Grapes Who?

    “Their team is not… they might miss the playoffs.”

    Uh…what? Is he looking at the same standings I’m looking at?

  • Mickstix

    LoL. Wonder if that butt hurt Canadian could name a team that wouldn’t die to have the “specialty act” on their team? pppft…

  • Dale Thompson

    If the USA can’t win the gold then yes I want Russia to win it as well.

  • scott

    Taking a lot of shots does not translate into being great. Ovechkin has a lot of holes in his game and it shows. Besides leading the NHL by a vast majority in shots each season, he always leads the league in missed shots. He has two speeds, one offensively and one defensively. Ron MacLean is not far off the mark. The Yzerman example is a good one as well….it wasn’t until Yzerman was 30 years old that he began to realize that being responsible at both ends was more important than firing a lot of shots at net….that is when he transformed into a leader and a winner. Ovechkin isn’t very sound positionally, defencemen don’t find him intimidating 1 on 1, he is predictable and does not adjust well to in game situations. Ovechkin has a lot of talent in some areas (best release in the game) but he’s just so far from a complete hockey player….and your best players need to be complete players if you want to have a chance of winning.

  • scott

    Ron Maclean has forgotten more about hockey than you can ever hope to know.

  • scott

    Ovechkin doesn’t play a “Canadian style” whatsoever. I would explain all the logistics to that but I am not sure you would grasp it.

  • scott

    LMAO…Canadians have grown tired of Cherry? Since when? Coach’s corner gets great ratings!

  • scott

    Wow…this is like a bunch of guys having “sword fights” and salivating over Ovechkin. It’s weird…..bunch of homers. An Ovechkin circle jerk….with a room full of tards’. Let me show myself out.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Don’t think I said anything about Ovi. Other than Backstrom played his best games while Ovi was out. Don’t let the door hit you.

  • Farooqito_Alejandro_bin_Lopez

    Do you know how galactically STUPID your comment is?

  • Farooqito_Alejandro_bin_Lopez

    Every team in the NHL would trade their star player for Ovechkin outside of Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. Canadians sure do get sore Russians do better than they do.

  • Rhino40

    Please try me. I simply mean that Ovi plays a far more physical style than conventional wisdom says would be expected of a european player.

  • Wormturner

    Right now Ovechkin has the worst +/- on the Caps, so even if the D is bad, he’s dragging them down even more. The Caps would do better without him on the ice.

  • are you fucking kidding me.