With the Sochi Olympics less than two months away, Nike is upping their promotion game. A few weeks ago, they debuted their English “Play Russian” ad. Wednesday, Alex Ovechkin tweeted out a special Russian language version of the commercial, and this one features a lot more screen time for The Great Eight.

As translated by Fedor Fedin, Ovechkin says:

The winter is my home. When the world is shaking of the cold, I come out to play. This winter froze me so I’d become faster. It hit me so I’d hit harder. It gave me everything. And now it’s time to give it all of myself.

That’s poetic or something. On the heels of Ovechkin’s four-goal night, this is rather appropriate.


GIFs by Ian Oland

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  • Clint Petty

    He is equal parts goofball and badass. Killer combination and why he remains my #1 man-crush.

  • Tamara Goehler

    Love him, the one of the greatest ever played this amazing game

  • Bob

    Its a strange place to be when you want the USA to win gold, Ovi to get gold, and Nicky/MOJO to get gold

  • Graham Dumas

    Nice translation.

    Also, I noted this last time, but the blip for #playrussian is kinda ridiculous, sinister, and Orwellian. “Use #playrussian, and we’ll find you ourselves.” YIKES!

    To recycle an old joke, @SovietRussia, #YOU!.

  • Brackaphobia

    I cannot wait to see Ovi tear it up during the Olympics. We are all in for a show if his NHL success carries over when he is playing for national pride.

  • James Desautels

    yeah basically everyone but America’s party hat, if only because I can’t imagine all the ridiculous NBC coverage from Milbury/Maguire if Sid wins gold again. they wouldn’t even be able to finish sentences without word vomiting how much they love him. somehow games with two completely unrelated teams will turn into commentary on how much better than anyone else to ever play the freaking game Sid is. sometimes i wonder if Gretzky or Mario hear all of that and say to themselves, “put up 200pts in a season and give me a call.”